Hyp 364: Hatis Noit

Hyp 364: Hatis Noit

It was on a trek in Nepal that Japanese vocalist and avant-garde artist Hatis Noit realised her purpose in life: to sing. The chanting tones of a female monk grasped Noit’s attention with a vice-like grip, resonating deeply through the bones and fibres constituting her body. This powerful experienced exposed the capacities of the voice; a primal and instinctive instrument capable of connecting humanity, nature and the universe. Self-taught, and drawing upon techniques from Gagaku, Gregorian chanting and Pop vocalists, Hatis Noit’s style is unique and complex. Earlier this year, her Illogical Dance EP was released on Erased Tapes, the London-based imprint championing contemporary classical and experimental music.

Having recently moved to London, the Japanese vocalist is set to perform at The Pickle Factory in collaboration with NYX, an electronic drone choir. The 28th October show seeks to explore the psychoacoustic capacity of immersive ambient sonics and noise in the form of electronic meditation. Ahead of the show in her adopted home, we asked the maverick vocalist to record a mix. An eclectic journey through a variety of genres that focuses on some of her favourite female electronic artists, the mix undulates through differing moods in experimental fashion.

Featuring songs from Suzanne Ciani, Paula Temple and Holly Herndon, you can listen to the hour-long escapade below!


Gazelle Twin – Exorcise
KYOKA – Hovering
Paula Temple – Colonized
group A – The Devil To Pay
DREAM DOLPHIN – The Invisible Shadow
MimiCof – Yellow Town
Emilie Simon – Lise
CocoRosie – Tears For Animals
Holly Herndon – Locker Leak
Tujiko Noriko – Rocket Hanabi
Suzanne Ciani – Concert At WBAI Free Music
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Wetlands
Kelly Moran – Helix

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