Hyp 360: Chloe Frieda (Alien Jams)

Hyp 360: Chloe Frieda (Alien Jams)

Chloe Frieda is the London DJ and label boss who runs the experimental electronic label and radio show Alien Jams.

Operating since 2014, her Alien James imprint has continued to throw light on the weird and wonderful shades of dance music, releasing diverse projects from oMMM, Nochexxx, Karen Gwyer, rkss, Beatrice Dillon and more.

One of the first regulars on NTS, her Alien Jams monthly radio show works much in the same manner, as Chloe digs her way through forgotten electronic experiments, soundtracks and soundscapes, whilst keeping one eye firmly on the dance floor.

Welcoming her to our mix series, Chloe hits us with a frenzy of rattling electro and paranoid synth workouts, with cuts from Bass Clef, Greg Beato, Quirke, Sin Falta and more. Hear in full below.


River Yarra – Aorsom Wislhs
Fleck E.S.C. – Discrete Opinion
Chino – 404
Bass Clef – Acid Hearse
Morah – Aphrodite Wants Me to See Her Light Tonight
Sync 24 & Silicon Scally – Sine Vibes
Wheelman – SIgnal (Detroit In Effect Resignal)
Greg Beato – Parts 17
Quirke – Vatied City
Nullptr – Polytopes
T/Error – Transuranium
Borusiade – Doublethink
JASSS – No Chance
Sin Falta – Diamonds

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