Hyp 355: Breach

Hyp 355: Breach

As a classically trained musician, producer, DJ and vocalist, the talents of Ben Westbeech reach into almost every facet of the music world. Debuting in 2010 with his funky classic Fatherless, he’s best known for his productions as Breach, but since those 8 years he’s made d&b under his Lean moniker, spanned soulful house under his own name, and enjoyed commercial success with dancefloor destroyers like his top ten hit single,’Jack’.

With previous records for Ramp/PTN, Pets Recordings, Dirtybird, 2020 Vision and Will Saul’s Aus Music, he’s also released music from Midland, Cinnaman, Dark Sky, Dusky, Lorca and Viers on his own Naked Naked imprint. After a three year hiatus, he returned earlier this year with the launch of his new imprint NKDLTD. Now two EPs into 2018, Breach is certainly back in the dance, marking a series of solo records that are “functional, well made, uncomplicated and uncompromising”.

Debuting on our mix series, Breach traverses through broken rhythms and star-gazing numbers that each intersect on the dancefloor.


1. Under my spell – Spellbound
2. Shoo Be Doo Da Dabba Doobee (Dub version) – Imagination
3. Blah Blah – (Abels edit)
4. Turtle dance – Breach
5. Sirocco – Bruxas
6. Rainbow pan – Johannes Albert
7. The Poetic Painter M-Marie’s Transcendance (Chicago Skyway Rework 2)
8. Drum edit – Yello
9. Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski – Talking About Togetherness
10. The Abstract Eye – Cool Warm Divine
11. Tribal dose – Dose zero
12. Crazy wild – Club Style
13. Star dance – John Ford

Breach’s Turtle Dance EP is out August 17 on NKDLTD. 

Order it here.

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