Hyp 353: Orson

Hyp 353: Orson

Rightly earning the title of Germany’s 140 ambassador, Orson (Sieverding) has been avidly pushing bassweight outside of its London home since 2006.

An early player of the DMZ and FWD raves, the Düsseldorf-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer was a regular contributor to Germany’s renowned electronic music publication De:bug, and video-documented much of London’s grime and dubstep scene throughout its flourishment.

Now operating from Berlin, Orson heads up VERSION, the record label and event series that has hosted everyone from Mala to Laurel Halo, and continues to push innovative sub low pressure from prospects like Agrippa and Yak.

Stepping up to our mix series, Orson violates the dance with damage from Kouslin & Cloaka, Walton, Human Resource and more, treading between the cornerstones of underground club culture whilst making sure frequencies bump highest from the ground.


Sole Fusion – Bass Tone (DVA’s Soul Destroy Mix) (Dubplate)
Orson – Cosmo (Dubplate)
Lamont – XIX (Dubplate)
Orson – Life Feed (Dubplate)
Orson – 12:09 (Version)
Walton – Pan (Tectonic)
Lamont – Aldgate Pump (Dubplate)
Agrippa – Mygraine Urgraine (Version)
Orson – Fabrik (Version)
Ebb & Kouslin – Untitled (Dubplate)
Kouslin & Cloaka – Ash (Le Chat Room)
Agrippa – Harbour Run (Version)
Walton – More Cowbell (Dubplate)
Orson – Aftermath Sunrise (Dubplate)
Wen – Finesse (Tectonic)
Walton – Point Blank (Tectonic)
SL2 – Way In My Brain (Original Version) (XL)
Mark One – Hoovers & Spray Cans (Mix2) (Recherche)
Human Resource – Dominator (Frank De Wulf Mix) (R&S)
SL2 – The Noise (Remix) (XL)
Bass 2 Bass – Hypno 2 (Rhythm Section)

Catch Orson on August 18 at Griessmuehle alongside Untold, Resom and Ossia.

More info and tickets here.

Featured Image: Pola Sieverding

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