Hyp 350 : Walton

Hyp 350 : Walton

Manchester producer Sam Walton is up next for the weekly Hyponik mix series, having put out his most recent LP on Pinch’s Tectonic label only a week ago. This album builds upon an impressive catalogue of releases on Tectonic, Hyperdub, and Madam X’s Kaizen.

Black Lotus further explores Walton’s interest in Chinese and Japanese influences, taken from listening to Sino grime whilst growing up. These influences are combined with his signature razor-sharp beats to create a long player that is varies in both mood and tempo.

His approach is one that is unrestricted by genre, combining sounds as far-reaching as garage, techno, house, grime and funk. His DJing style matches that sensibility, genre-hopping with rapid energy throughout. Walton takes us through ninety minutes of fire from some of the biggest hitters across the UK.


Pariah – Rain Soup
Wen – Glisten
Laksa – Delicates
Randomer – Slicing
Modeselektor – Kalif Storch
Martyn – Nya
Bass Clef – Charnel House
Ploy – Rolls Royce
Walton – Point Blank
Walton – Angry Drummer
Lamont – XIX
Bryte – Do Your Do
Okzharp & Manthe Ribane – Dun
Ploy – Ramos
Lil Silva vs Riko – Walton Mashup
Da Soul Boyz – Nightmares (Step Down)
Rudeboyz – No Mercy
Pariah – Linnaea
Laksa – Madu’s Break
Pinch ft Riko – Screamer VIP
Basic Rhythm – Cant You See
Walton – More Cowbell
Pearson Sound – Starburst
Zeki – Merci
Peder Mannerfelt – Clear Eyes, Full Heart
T2 – Nosebleed
Joe – Claptrap
Raime – Real People Not Actors
East Man – Twilight
Grandmixxer – SLSA Instrumental
DJ Sinclair – Waifer Grime Remake
DJ Sinclair – Oil Gang Dub Stepping
DJ Sinclair – Choose One
Commodo – Scyrm
Pinch & Logos – White Light
Hebbe – Mad Hatter (Headland Remix)
Boofy – Blockbuster
Commodo – Rikers
Joker – Stuck In The Sythem
Pangaea – Memories

Black Lotus is out now on Tectonic.

Get it here.

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