Hyp 349: Piezo

Hyp 349: Piezo

Piezo has got a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Having released on British mainstays Idle Hands and Swamp 81 sub-label, 81, amongst others, his production reveals a tendency to cover several genres. Take the title track from his ‘Parrots’ EP that dropped this January, which seamlessly blends electro and bass influences.

The same is true for his Hyponik mix. Kicking off with the rampant 909s of DJ Sneak’s ‘Flip It,’ the Italian-born producer pulls us back and forth through a range of tempos, from the manic sounds of Japanese experimental to blissful ambience.

Peppered with tracks from some of the most exciting contemporary producers like Laksa, Metrist, and Gábor Lázár, the mix makes for an hour of unpredictable club music.


1. DJ Sneak – Flip It
2. Soundhack – Devil’s Run
3. Satanicpornocultshop – Serious
4. Jon Hassel – Pastorale Vassant
5. Peder Mannerfelt – The Toad
6. Laksa – Yogi’s Choice
7. StabUdown Productions – 100 Eyes
8. Piezo – (untitled)
9. Lory D – Ostia Girls
10. Piezo – Art Attack Gone Wrong
11. Kreggo – Ligeti
12. Oli XL – Stress Junkie
13. Lamont – Detached
14. Nidia – Underground
15. DJ Osom – Chch
16. Metrist – (untitled)
17. Chevel – Data Recovery
18. General Ludd – (untitled)
19. Gabor Lazar – Squeeze
20. E-Unity – Everlasting Legacy (Functional Mix)

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