Hyp 346: Tom Blip

Hyp 346: Tom Blip

Self confessed disco purist Tom Blip is most commonly known for heading up the excellent Blip Discs.

Having released numbers from O’Flynn, Spooky-J, Glowing Palms and the big chief himself, Blip Discs has earned a reputation for specialising in the weird and wonderful. The label’s love for percussion and groove pours throughout its back catalogue, most evident in its latest project from the 25-member Mubashira Mataali Group, whose hypnotic rhythms and drum music come with spiritual and traditional Islamic philosophies.

Always keeping one eye firmly on the dancefloor, Tom’s own productions also come in high demand, with his latest 7″ of crunchy drum machine-driven boogie on Paradise Palms enjoying spin rotations from Call Super, Severino, Ivan Smagghe, Jimpster and more.

Welcoming him to our mix series, Tom comes just in time for the summer, bouncing between disco, house, funky and a soulful blend of twitchy rhythms, tuck in below.


Count Coolout – Rhythm Rap Rock
Steve Watson – Born To Boogie
Metro Area – Piña
Marcellus Pittman – Extra Credits
Moon B – Those Moments
Grand Wizard Theodore & The Fantastic Romantic Five – Hey What’s Your Sign, What’s Your Name, What’s On Your Mind
South Bronx – The Big Throwdown
Doug Lazy – Let It Roll
Harsh Mellow – Return of The Funky Jam
Daphni – Face To Face
Jowaa – Kpe Lo
Roska – Warming
Danvers – Mason
Christoper Rau – I Hear $$$
General Ludd – Are You Losing My Hearing
M.F Project – Body Grooving (Raw Mix)
Box Clever – Talk To Me
Carroll Thompson – Too Late
DJ Backspin – Weapon ’97

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