Hyp 340: PBR Streetgang

Hyp 340: PBR Streetgang

Leeds friends Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe, better known as deep house power outfit PBR Streetgang, have been turning dance floors since their early days at Leeds’ legendary club night Asylum. In partnership for almost a decade now, the duo quickly moved from the nightlife of the North to the sunshine of Ibiza, with longstanding residencies at famed venues like Space.

Making dance records for the likes of Wolf Music, 20:20 Vision, Hot Creations, and Futureboogie Recordings over their longstanding-career, it’s only till recently that PBR Streetgang released their first long player, with Late Night Party Line arriving as a collection of party-ready jams that across the record features guest vocalists like Mattie Safer from The Rapture and Danielle Moore from Crazy P.

Ahead of their return to Croatia’s Love International festival this summer, the pair fired over a mix made up of power anthems that run across disco, funk, house and electro. With heat from Al Kent, Marvin & Guy, Move D, and Secret Squirrel, check below.


1. Al Kent – Vince
2. Dimitri from Paris & DJ Rocca – I love New York
3. In Flagranti – Inside the Silver White box
4. The Popular People’s Front – Keep doin your Dancing
5. PBR Streetgang – Everything Changes (Instrumental)
6. Secret Squirrel No.10
7. Ajello – Crystal Babe
8. Power Dance – Power Dance
9. Skyrager – Beatgirl
10. Larry – Beat 1
11. Marvin & Guy – Superior Conjunction
12. Move D – To the Disco (Move D live rework)
13. PBR Streetgang – Ferric

PBR Streetgang play at Love International 2018 in Croatia, 27 Jun – 4 Jul.

More info and tickets available via their website here.

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