Hyp 337: Mr. Redley

Hyp 337: Mr. Redley

Louis Redley, better known as DJ and presenter Mr. Redley, is the brains behind the radio show and party, Café Au Lait. 

Hailing from North London, Redley can often be found spinning for Brixton’s Reprezent Radio, as well as hosting a number of dances across the city and a bi-monthly Café Au Lait shindig at The Alibi.

A certified digger, Redley’s eclectic selections can often be hard to place. His DJ performances and radio broadcasts are unified not by categorisation or genre, but a desire and enthusiasm to seek out the most innovative in electronic music, often with planned intentions to make you bounce.

Today he does just that, pulling fresh heat from the likes of Pablo Marco, Mallard, Primitive Trust and Ejeca and veering off into the alien lands of IDM, techno, acid and beyond.


Pablo Marco – All About
Christian Tiger School – If You Want To (Edmondson Version)
Mallard – Untitled (Breaks)
A Sagittarius – Lucid Dreaming (Original Dream)
Moon – Light Of Virtue
Igor Tipura – Dwams (Lauer Remix)
Shadow Child – Renegade Stabs
Primitive Trust – (Little Love (Floorplan Remix)
Voiron – 4 Pole (Voiron Acid Mix)
No Moon – Exoplanet Vibe Cult
Shawn Rudiman – All The Way
Ejeca – Losty
Andrea – Choral
Severnaya – Terramodis
Christian Jay – 117
Duccio – J Mina
Merv – Dust

Catch Mr. Redley at Ghost Notes on April 6. 

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