Hyp 334: Galtier

Hyp 334: Galtier

Nostro Hood System founder Jiah Wells aka Galtier is a prolific workhorse. Fresh off the back of releasing the hugely successful and well received Waystation Compilation: Series I, the Bristol based producer is riding a wave of positive reviews and has now contributed to our mix series for Hyp 334.

Wells has released on many of the well-known, left-wing club track labels such as Infinite Machine, Files Rec. and NAAFI as well as Kouslin‘s label Le Chatroom.

Galtier’s complex and diverse approach to rhythm and sound design makes his productions instantly recognisable, and his mixes are always an exploration into the extremities of club-functional music, this one being no different.

Featuring music from himself, MM, Noire, Lava Dome and more…


Chants – Diptych
Dengue Dengue Dengue – Son De Los Diablos
Alfonso Luna – Tlaloc
Waya Waya – Ngorongoro (feat. Javier Estrada)
OMAAR – Progressive Tribes (Galtier Remix)
Formation Boyz – African Warzone
Galtier & Noire – Tremble
MM – Drum Pit
NKC – Tincture
??? – ???
Lechuga Zafiro – Suave Pero Rugoso (Tayhana Remix)
??? – ???
Akito & Famous Eno – Airplane Mode (DVA Hi:Emotions Remix)
??? – ???
Chunyin – 想起 Look Back On This
Bad Gyal – Blink (Prod. Florentino)
DJ NA – New Freezer Dembow
DJ Nigga Fox – Só Nós 2
Goro – No Plan Pt. II
??? – ???
Noire – Purples
Lava Dome – Stealth Riddim
Shyqa – Hiding (Galtier Remix)
Doubt – Species

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