Hyp 333: Fred & Charles

Hyp 333: Fred & Charles

London’s freshest party starters Oblivion first made noise on the scene in 2017, bringing a versatile selection of bubbling house and techno talents to venues like The Brewhouse and Cafe 1001 across the year.

Kicking 2018 off in similar fashion with a marathon day and night party at Hoxton Basement this Saturday, Oblivion chiefs and head party planners Ben and Tony invite residents like Cal Newman, Mr.Russell, Josh gordon and Harry try to ensure the funktion 1 sound system rattles till the early hours of Sunday.

Ahead of their opening party, front men Fred and Charles have sent over an hour mix of big room heaters for a taste of what to expect from the evening.


Doi – Marc Faenger
Nutcracker – Chris Lattner, East End Dubs
Ricochet – Archie Hamilton, Enzo Siragusa
Like Ian (David Aurel Remix) – Timothy, Robin Fett
Hot Fuse – Riaz Dhanani
Libertad – Dennis Cruz
It Is Crazy – Luixar KL
Make Me Wait – Matt Tolfry
Twat Lickin (Samu.L Remix) – Roberto Apodaca, Le Disxco
Roll Da Beats – ODD
The Rickaverse (Matt Tolfry Remix) – Ataxia
Aya – Kreature

Oblivion Opening party takes place at Hoxton Basement on March 17. 

More info and tickets available here.

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