Hyp 323: Cottam

Hyp 323: Cottam

Emerging around 2009, Paul Cottam shot to notoriety after a set of four untitled and un-promoted vinyl releases were amongst the most sought after and fastest selling records of that year.

Hailing from Preston, and an avid participant in its early rave scene, Cottam’s early efforts combined neo-soul, afrobeat, hip hop and disco elements into slo-mo sampled-based house grooves and wacky acid explorations, causing a ruckus on worldwide dancefloors and attracting the attention of notable DJs like Moodymann, Gerd Janson and Soul Clap.

Having since released music on respected labels such as Wolf, Aus, Use Of Weapons, Sound Of Speed, Ruff Draft and of course his own self-titled imprint, Cottam’s extensive catalogue and eclectic palette ranks him as one of the most humble and interesting figures in underground electronic music.

Now set to return to Fat Cat Records’ sub-label FCR with forthcoming “mystical and majestic dub-house” EP Locked in The Groove, we requested the Preston producer step to our mix series, where he journeys through the dreamy worlds of techno, electro and beyond.


1. Hymns – Searching For The Real
2. Interstellar Funk – No Direction To Spacedown
3. Volruptus – We’ll Be Alright
4. Reedale Rise – Lorelei
5. ERP – Tuga
6. Aux88 – Voice Modulation
7. Versalife – Ultimatum
8. The Exaltics – Walking Through The Stratosphere
9. ERP- Gallup String
10. Interstellar Funk – Caves Of Steel (Convextion Remix)
11. Dynarec – In Your Hand (The Exaltics Remix)
12. Patricia – It Gets Worse At Night
13. Vernon – P Brain

Locked In The Groove is out March 3 on FCR. Pre-order it here.

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