Hyp 322: DJ Scriby

Hyp 322: DJ Scriby

London party turned label Trax Couture established their ‘World Series’ in 2013. Having boasted a global mix of unique producers hailing from UK, USA, Chile, Australia and beyond, previous efforts have come from Rushmore, Evil Streets, C++, Dreams and Akito to name a few.

The series’ latest edition, vol.13, comes in the form of a five-track EP from DJ Scriby, one of gqom’s original players.

Hailing from Clermont, a township of Durban, Scriby has long been working behind the scenes of the South African movement, often acting as mic man for close friend and ‘gqom King’ DJ Lag.

His production debut offers a fresh take on the Durban sound, crafting warped harmonies that don’t stray too far from the rugged melodies of grime, or the retro futurism of Detroit techno, whilst retaining gqom’s unrelenting backbone and hypnotic pressure.

Stepping up to our Hyp series DJ Scriby isn’t looking to share the stage, declaring himself for those beyond South Africa’s scene as one of gqom’s main contenders with an hour’s long arsenal of his own ammo. Free download on this one, merry christmas from Scriby!


1. DJ Scriby – Phonox
2. DJ Scriby – Friday The 13th
3. DJ Scriby & K£ITO – Bamulet
4. DJ Scriby – Trax Couture Riddim
5. DJ Scriby & K£ITO – Tokyo To Clermont
6. DJ Scriby – I’gqom
7. DJ Scriby – Asmara Tranada
8. DJ Scriby – Siyahhashakaa
9. DJ Scriby – Space Amnesia
10. DJ Scriby – Umajali
11. DJ Scriby – Gqom-Couture
12. DJ Scriby – IPANIiii
13. DJ Scriby – Mahamba

World Series Vol.13 : The Clermont EP is out now on Trax Couture. Order it here.

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