Hyp 314: Congi

Hyp 314: Congi

After taking place in Giles Peterson’s Future Bubblers programme, Congi continue to impressively emerge through the post dubstep haze. The Nottingham duo uniquely unite influences from the bass weight days with found sounds, to form a true representation of mood and timbre.

Comprised of members Gaz Frost & Tulip, the pair began their partnership back in the developing days of Nottingham’s electronic scene. Meeting at their mates’ studio, they’ve gone on to carve their imprint into the UK’s scene and use their contrasting musical influences to form a deeply diverse sound to their style.

Their latest EP, Motion, has a murmur of varied genres and takes elements from the early dubstep days to form a unique tale of the present scene, with bulky bass sequences and swinging half-step rhythmic patterns.

The duo to step to our mix series, providing the weight with tracks from Joe, K-Lone and Chaos in the CBD.


Ago – Why Won’t You
Joe – Claptrap
K-Lone – BB-8
Max Graef & Glenn Astro – Magic Johnson
How Du – Life Line
S P A – Bright Eyes
Chaos in the CBD – Midnight In Peckham
Congi – Spoken Word (K-Lone Remix)

Catch Congi at Wigflex City Festival in Nottingham on Sunday, 5 May 2019. 

Tickets available here

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