Hyp 313: LeFtO

Hyp 313: LeFtO

Next up for our mix series, is the ultimate musical digger, LeFtO. With a eclectic and engaging musical taste, the Belgium born disc jockey has strictly become one of Europe’s most enthralling and unique selectors.

The bearded bossman has continued to staple his name into the global industry and his talent has lead him to be heavily connected with Worldwide FM, Blue Note, Stones Throw and many more.

Slowly becoming a historic figure in the European scene, we kindly asked LeFtO to send across a mix for our series and the Belgian sure did deliver, conjuring up a roasting selection of sophisticated hip hop, jazz, futuristic bass and head nodding creations to heat up your day.

With a monumental back catalogue of events around the world, LeFtO will be returning to London for Soundcrash’s event at Micks Garage on the 18th of November. Grab your exclusive Hyponik discounted tickets here.


Sza – go gina
Werkha – glass games ft. bryony jarman-pinto
Buddy – that much
Milo – poet
Brockhampton – gummy
Photay – the everyday push
Mount kimbie – blue train lines ft. king krule
Ira sullivan – the kingdom within you
Action bronson – la luna
B cool-aid – chillen
Hector plimmer – bulb
Markolino dimond – ya no tengo pena
Airhead – cristobal
Kyle hall – teacher plant
Underground resistance – hi tech jazz (live version)
Pablo valentino – my son’s smile (ge-ology remix)
D.m.s. – let me tell you something
KRL – I wanna be with you

LeFtO plays at Mick’s Garage on November 18. More info and tickets here

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