Hyp 310: Hagan

Hyp 310: Hagan

South London producer Hagan’s music is inspired by a mix of funky, afrobeat, Baile funk and more recently, gqom.

First emerging via breakout club labels Beat Werk and Strut Records, Hagan’s club-focused sound delivers a clinical expertise in sound design, with productions that meld gritty UK bass textures with the fiery percussive energy of his African roots.

After a brief hiatus, Hagan returns to UK indie label Push & Run, whose roster continues to shine brightly after recently showcasing the talents of Benjamin Munoz.

On the Roots EP, it’s clear that Hagan has been tucked away honing his sound, with four sharply executed tracks that focus on killer, minimalist grooves and find him at his most accomplished to date.

Fresh off the release, Hagan brings the heat to our mix series with an hour of tribalist drum-workouts and sub heavy experiments.


1) Kaytranada ft. Shay Lia – Leave Me Alone (Hato x BadGuyz Afrotouch mix)
2) Pote – For The Cause
3) Champion x Four Tet – Disparate
4) Hagan – Polar
5) Sbucardo Da DJ – Get Clapped
6) Mina x Bryte – Make Money
7) Hagan – Aburi
8) Dynamite – Brave
9) Charly Black – Party Animal (Hagan Remix)
10) DJ Madd – Badman Talkin (Tony Quattro Remix)
11) Hagan – FWD
12) Champion feat Riko Dan – Landslide
13) Luru – Lazer
14) Hagan – Ultra
15) Roska & Champion – Squiggle
16) Pote – Model (Nan Kolè Remix)
17) Emo Kid – Rains Of Terror (Main Mix)
18) Hagan – Roots
19) LR Groove – My Brother
20) Hagan – Let Me See You Move
21) Razzlerman – Racoon fight
22) NKC – Batada
23) Hagan – Shape Shift
24) Major Notes – Zonga
25) Hagan – On Sight
26) Hagan – Amour
27) Hagan – Glacier
28) NKC – Dual Power

Hagan’s Roots EP is out now on Push & Run. Order it here.

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