Hyp 307: Medallion Man (Loose Lips)

Hyp 307: Medallion Man (Loose Lips)

Medallion Man, real name Frederick Sugden, is the co-founder and resident of diverse music platform Loose Lips.

Based across the UK the collective operates in a number of creative fields. They run a label, curate events, run editorial content and host a variety of radio shows that together push quality underground electronic music and offer spotlight to many of the scenes’ hidden talents.

Whilst Medallion Man is at the centre of this, he also keeps busy running labels at 2020 Vision recordings and the Prague-based Beef Records. Animating several shows on different stations during the last years, his current project is with 199Radio, in which his Loose Lips show invites artists for guest mixes and interviews on a weekly basis.

Stepping up for Hyp 307, Medallion Man comes armed with a with a selection of gritty techno and bass experiments. With music from Helena Hauff, De-Bons-en-Pierre, DJ Overdose and more.


Wilhaeven – IV-IX-I (Ricochet Records)
Illocanblo – Ruby (Unreleased)
Kris Wadsworth – Oblivion (Unreleased)
Inland – D10D3 (Counterchange)
J Tijn – Decimated #30 (WNCL Recordings)
Helena Hauff – Split Scission (Handmade Birds)
De-Bons-en-Pierre – The Eyesbrow Salesgirl (Dark Entries)
Jerry Abstract – Nest Of Teeth (Logic Probe Remix) (Detroit Underground)
Sync 24 x Privacy – General Data Standard (Cultivated Electronics)
Kevin McPhee – Short Techno (WNCL Recordings)
Errol Dix – Moonlight Rhythm (Valvula Records)
D.Dan – The Danger Zone (Lobster Theremin)
DJ Overdose – Probably Too Commercial (Unknown to the Unknown)

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