Hyp 306: Heartless

Hyp 306: Heartless

Heartless, real name Bobby James, has been a long time outsider of the scene. Honing his craft as a resident DJ, promotor and sound engineer around his home town of Cardiff, it is only recently that he has brought forth his own productions to the public.

Spurred on by the recent rise of modular equipment from figures such as Boddika, Surgeon and Mumdance, James sent demos of his own modular experiments out and quickly found home on techno linchpin Steve Bicknell’s new imprint 6Dimensions.

With his music described as ‘hazy modular sequences stretched out and crushed laid over unrelenting kick drums, creating a determination of mood in conjunction with futurist sounds’, James will release four-track EP Impulse Model later this week, with tracks already being hammered by the likes of Ben Klock, Jeff Mills and James Ruskin.

Ahead of the release, we invited James to take part in our mix series, where he channels classics from AFX, Basic Channel, Jeff Mills and DJ Slip into a fierce analogue excursion.


AFX – Analogue Bubble Bath 3
Fanon Flowers – Mode 5
Basic Channel – Q1.2
Dj Slip – Snapshot
Heartless – Mathilda
Steve Bicknell – Harmonious Balance
Continuous Mode – Direct Out Mode
Steve Bicknell – The Moment I stopped
Heartless – Circuit Forms
Steve Bicknell – Atonement B2
Wax – 001B
Steve Bicknell – Atonement B1
Jeff Mills – 31j56
Mike Parker – Gyroscopic Precession
Sleep Archive – Loop 1
Peter Van Hoesen – Oscars Blood
Function – Reykjavik
Metro Skim – From 3D into 5th
Rhyw – Aversion to Memory
Heartless – Drum Track
Planetary Assault Systems – Shift

Impulse Model is out September 15 on 6dimensions. Pre-order it here.

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