Hyp 305: LTO

Hyp 305: LTO

LTO – the electronic producer based in Bristol, first garnered attention and praise in 2011 as part of the Old Apparatus collective with their abstract experimental bass-driven music, submerged in swirls and fragments of otherworldly static and interference.

Releasing his debut LP in 2016, The Number From Which All Things Come saw LTO employ hardware, software, instruments and found sounds (including the Berlin subway and the 2012 Olympics construction site), blurring the lines between the organic and machine-made into a gripping mutation of trance, jungle and ’90s IDM.

Recently returning to Injazero Records following 2015’s No Pasa Nada EP, LTO’s second LP Storybook sees him further explore ambient music and electronic composition. Retaining elements of darkness, Storybook lets the light in, with each piece of music crafted via a palette of both digital and organic materials that pull human warmth and delicate expression from the ghostly machinery.

Stepping up for Hyp 305, LTO delivers a mix of glacial and jagged textures, with tracks from a range of artists that include Huerco S, Photay, Om Unit, Yves Tumor and Kara-Lis Coverdale. Hear below.


1. LTO: Moment
2. Recent Arts: The Form of Time
3. Letherette: SAE
4. C. Diab: Novus Memoria
5. fridtjof – Take
6. Huerco S: Promises of Fertility
7. Photay: Outré Lux (feat. Madison McFerrin)
8. Toto: Paul Meets Chani
9. Moleskin: Grand Ballet
10. Kara-Lis Coverdale: Grafts
11. Yves Tumor: Limerence
12. Ligovskoï: Aures
13. Nurtureworld: Kingdom
14. Disasterpeace: Wisdom’s Tragedy
15. Aponogeton: The Night Sky Is Falling
16. Fis: Root Collars
17. tapecut: piqure
18. Steve Hauschildt: Ketracel
19. Disasterpeace: Titan
20. Iglew: Urban Myth
21. Om Unit: Hidden Dread
22. Three Trapped Tigers: Engrams
23. LTO: Change
24. J.R. Bohannon: Recôncavo
25. Ross Flight: Nylon Reprise
26. Kevin Verwijmeren: Last

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LTO’s Storybook is out now on Injazero Records. Order it here

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