Hyp 304: Beastie Respond

Hyp 304: Beastie Respond

Beastie Respond, real name Tobias Hjørnet Pedersen, has been making UK-inspired dance music hybrids for some years now. Originally a drummer, Pedersen debuted his Autonomic inspired drum and bass production style via bass music label Teal Recordings in 2011 with the Syncopy EP, which came alongside a remix from UK producer Blawan.

Releasing his debut album Fictitious Nostalgia two years later, Pedersen expanded his sonic palette with a variety of genres and styles that moved beyond the realms of drum and bass and fused electro, techno and experimental electronica via ’80s style synth work and a sci-fi esque narrative. With ties to dBridge’s Exit Records and Loxy’s Cylon Recordings, the Danish producer has continued to explore high intensity melodic synth music, most recently on Copenhagen imprint Circle Vision.

Now set to release his second album, Information City, Pedersen’s narrative reflects on the information overload of the social media age. Coming via Berlin-label Foul-Up, Pedersen samples from a variety of sources, taking fragments from a vast array of media and working them into uptempo music that gives references to everything from UK bass genres to electro, footwork and synthwave.

Ahead of its release we asked Pedersen to step up for our mix series, entering hyper-mode with a bag that bounces between excited components of the 160-mark and fully indulges in rave-mania.


1. Beastie Respond – Real Without Origin >> Shygirl – Want More
2. Lone – Backtail Was Heavy
3. Sully – We’re Here
4. Mykki Blanco – Crisp Clean
5. DJ NJ Drone – Syn Stair (No Fountain)
6. Jubilee feat. Otto Von Schirach – Bass Supply
7. Celestial Trax – Together
8. Chino Amobi feat. Serpentwithfeet – Calcified
9. Beastie Respond – A Good Wisdom
10. Slick Shoota – Sex Tape
11. DJ Paypal – Volume
12. Fracture feat. Inaya Day – Cold & Rain
13. DJ Orange Julius – MS Footwork
14. dBridge – DB vs 45 King >> DJ NJ Drone – Syn Stair (Blind)
15. Beastie Respond – The Truth Hides The Fact That There Is None
16. Sam Binga and Chimpo – For Those Who Like It Sweet >> Chimpo – Haymaker >> Egyptrixx – We Can Be Concrete
17. Ticklish – Jumpman VIP
18. Beastie Respond – ???
19. Janet Jackson – Funny How Time Flies (When You’re Having Fun)
20. Oneohtrix Point Never – Ezra
21. Fat Caller – In Complete Darkness
22. Beastie Respond – Downloaded 4 R. D4wkins
23. Jessel – Los Ministros D La Habana (Nphonix Remix)
24. Helm – Olympic Mess (N1L Remix)
25. Beastie Respond – We Never Truly Understood The Architecture
26. Slekk – Get Down
27. Lorenzo Senni – Win In The Flat World
28. Overlook – Nowhere Else
29. Beastie Respond – Never-Present

Beastie Respond’s Information City is out September 1 on Foul-Up. Pre-Order it here

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