Hyp 303: Kerem Akdag

Hyp 303: Kerem Akdag

Itsanbul’s soul boy Kerem Akdag first appeared on the scenes with 2013’s A Good Play. Released by London-based imprint Apparel Music, the six-track house EP fused skippy rhythms and seductive melodies, exposing Kerem’s flair for glowful sonics and slung-back grooves and getting nods from artists such as Shur-i-Kan, Osunlade and Lefto.

A combined expertise in drumming and producing, Kerem’s recent Loungin’ EP for Darker Than Wax explored a range of tempos and patterns, blending influences of jazz, funk and hip hop with his own form of modern soul. Naturally, Kerem’s broad spectrum of sound has found home via those who champion all things soulful, a favourite of Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM as well as an addition to Dimensions Festival’s new imprint Dimensions Recordings.

Stepping up for our Hyp mix series, Kerem Akdag comes just in time for the summer season with an array of soulful flavours that have helped shape his own musical creations. Unreleased fire from Kerem’s arsenal alongside heat from Henry Wu, Domu, Wbeeza, SMBD and more.

 “These tracks have been influencing me for quite sometime. Henry Wu’s broken beats  house blend and Andy Hart’s drum treatments made me so excited, so i started my latest project. Kept listening Domu for some amazing bassline ideas. Yussef Kamaal really made me think why I haven’t been recording my drum kit sitting in my living room. All of the tracks on this mix had some effect in me that made me want to create”. 


1. Yussef Kamaal – Lowrider
2. SPRJZZ – 001 (Unreleased)
3. Henry Wu – Good Morning Pecknaam (Original Mix)
4. Domu – Save It Featuring Face
5. Domu – Unfazed
6. Julio Bashmore – Rhythm Of Auld
7. Munk Kai Alice – Hot Medusa
8. Lamaj (Andy Hart remix) – Brame, Hamo
9. Kerem Akdag – String Occasion (Unreleased)
10. SMBD – Cesar
11. Wbeeza – Laying Here

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Kerem Akdag plays live at Dimensions Festival on August 30 – September 3. More info here

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