Hyp 301: Proc Fiskal

Hyp 301: Proc Fiskal

Scottish producer Joe Powers, better known as Proc Fiskal, became Hyperdub’s latest signee earlier in the year with four-track EP Highland Mob. The record operates around the 160bpm mark and draws connection to Novelist’s self-proclaimed ‘Ruff Sound’, pushing eski components into more erratic territory and resultantly blurring the lines between jungle, footwork and all-things-hyper.

Having grown up in Edinburgh, Power’s fascination of grime came via the web, citing YouTube channels like SilverDrizzle and classic Sidewinder sets as early discoveries. As the Scotland grime scene develops, he joins artists like Rapture 4D and Polonis as an exciting wave of innovative beat makers putting their country on the map.

Now a member of the Hyperdub family Powers seems to be just getting started, currently working on two albums which will see both an MC focus and a melodic experimental journey. In between creations we asked Powers to shell down a mix for us, pushing memphis trap, jungle and plenty of fiery instrumentals from the Procurator himself. Check below!



Dizzee Rascal – Face (Instrumental)
Three Six Mafia – Da Summa (Instrumental)
Paul Wall -Sittin Sideways (Instr)
DeeCee – City Lights
Proc Fiskal – Okay Hoe
Proc Fiskal – Oedo Riddim
Proc Fiskal – Hot Em Up
Proc Fiskal – Moon View
Proc Fiskal – Function
Proc Fiskal – The Music
Proc Fiskal – Open Okay
Proc Fiskal – Stick Em
Proc Fiskal – AI
Proc Fiskal – Death
Proc Fiskal – Brain
Proc Fiskal – Vicky Park Rddm
Proc Fiskal – Haggis Pakora
Double Clapperz – Pan Flute
Proc Fiskal – Eternal Now
Proc Fiskal – October 30th 2016
Proc Fiskal – Heed Junt
Creep Woland – Villers
Proc Fiskal – Window Cat
Proc Fiskal – Hanging
Proc Fiskal – Futu Wrist
Proc Fiskal – Practice Hours
Proc Fiskal – Lamentation
Dread and The Bald Head – Ganja Plant
Brainkillers and Remarc – Press The Buzzer
Redlight – Selekta
Dj Dexterous – Wanted (dead or alive)
Sky Joose – Sound Boy Burial
Studio 2 – Bad Boy Rhythm
DJ Solo – What have u done
RP Boo – Beat me
Brainkillers & Schwareznegger – For Real
Fiskal – Melody 8

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Proc Fiskal’s Highland Mob EP is out now via Hyperdub. Order it here. 

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