Hyp 294: Fearz

Hyp 294: Fearz

Hailing from Oviedo, Spanish duo Fearz define their style as “street house”, whose aesthetics draw mainly from the rawest forms of ghetto house and early ’00s rap, citing the likes of Ruff Ryders, The Neptunes and Dipset as early influences.

First creating r&b interpretations via cracked software and acapella rips, the two friends have expanded their sound in direction of the dance floor, continuing to experiment in bootleg mode by chopping well-known vocal cuts over 808-drum machines for rhythm led tracks that pulsate in explicit nature, and sit firmly amongst club culture’s resurgence of stripped-back, raw house music.

In the past year they’ve released music on Nurvous RecordsBADLQQK and Booty Call Records, with support from the likes of Dave Clarke, Richie Hawtin, DJ Hell, Akito, Anna Lunoe, Rushmore, RYME, Nightwave and many more.

Hyp 294 sees the pair in hyper-mode from the get-go, opening with a pumped edit of Chicago classic ‘Bang The Box’ before gliding through the sonic energies of house, techno and funky, unified by undeniable bounce and a heavy dosage of industrial grit. With tracks from Crazy Cousinz, L-Vis 1990, Neana and the duo themselves, check the mix below.

Fearz have forthcoming material on Top Billin Music, keep up to date with with them via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Matt Warren – Bang The Box (Ju Edit) [Self Released] Fearz – Bring Ya Momma [Unreleased] Crazy Cousinz – Masaai [Nostalgic] Chambray – Want It Back [Ultramajic] Noaipre – Rasta Club (Fearz Remix) [Unreleased] Fearz – Mercedes [Unreleased] L-Vis 1990 – Video Drone [Night Slugs] Fisky – Rotonda [Monstart] Kaptain Cadillac – Yeah Yeah [Booty Call Records] Rastronaut – Flexx [Enchufada] 11. Fatal Walima – War (Douster Remix) [[re]sources] Neana – Jawbreaker [Self Released]

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