Hyp 293: Maribor

Hyp 293: Maribor

Rising London and Bristol-based club crew Super Kitchen incorporate the rich musical landscapes of each city on their debut record – a limited 12” from Badimup record head, Maribor. Initially known for their parties and radio endeavours, Super Kitchen are also working on a series of “technologically informed, audio-visual projects” in line with the birth of their record label.

Maribor, who heads up physical-only label, Badimup – home to releases from Wen, Facta, and K-Lone since 2012 – is the first artist to release on Super Kitchen with a club-ready two-tracker, ‘HIAB / HAWWY’, that melds the sounds of acid, 2-step, and industrial.

Backed by the likes of Dusk & Blackdown and Slackk, Maribor is a versatile selector – as evident on Hyp mix 293, a heady selection that takes in heads down business from Joy Orbison, Timedance’s Laksa, Objekt, Pearson Sound, and more. Dig in below.

HIAB / HAWWY is out now on Super Kitchen. Grab it here.


NSDOS – Franc CFA (Standalone Complex)
Joy Orbison – Fuerza (Hinge Finger)
Objekt – Theme From Q (Objekt)
Pearson Sound – Robin Chasing Butterflies (Pearson Sound)
Maribor – Mind Palace (Unreleased)
Laksa – Contrasts (Timedance)
DJ Steaw – Rue d’Hauteville (Deep Mix) [Rutilance] Dan Kye – Change (Rhythm Section International)
Bruce Trail – Bridgework (Magicwire)
LK – Lunar (Shall Not Fade)
Braga Circuit – I Won’t Be Around (Unreleased)

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