Hyp 291: Cadenza

Hyp 291: Cadenza

Oliver Rodigan AKA Cadenza has been building his buzz over the last few years with a steadily heightening profile and growing catalogue of music. Following his breakthrough 2013 release on Mad Decent, ‘Gyal Town’, he’s gone on to collaborate with A-list artists like Lily Allen and Sean Paul, as well as achieving greater notoriety with reggae release ‘Foundation’ featuring Stylo G and Busy Signal.

Merging the sounds and styles of the contemporary landscape, Cadenza is notorious for his rough and rugged instrumental releases, and the west Londoner’s latest offering comes in the form of serene rap track ‘Vibes’ in collaboration with Allan Kingdom, which is out now via So Cold Records.

Hyp 291 mix accurately reflects Cadenza’s style and heritage. Early on, his dancehall influences shine through in the rhythm and groove of tracks like ‘Tek Fem’ ft. Sukuward. As the mix progresses, the music evolves and broadens with numbers like Drake’s recent collaboration with Giggs, ‘KMT’, and Addison Groove’s ‘Changa’ – forming a collection of cutting edge sounds from a wide spectrum of club music.

Vibes is out now on So Cold Records, stream it or download it.

Keep up to date with Cadenza on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Words: Timi Ben-Edigbe


hijack (mad cobra remix) – Cadenza x Equiknoxx
tek dem ft. Sukuward – Cadenza x La Panga
bloodline – florentino
libro mouse – cadenza
press trigger – mad cobra
city hummingbird x optimate – shalt edit
energy (cadenza remix) – avelino, Skepta, Stormzy
Gabryelle – D Malice
KMT ft. Giggs – Drake
Jolly – Suicideyearr
Lick It – 1180
Hacienda – Cadenza x SYV
Changa – Addison Groove
Jawbreaker – Neana
Giddy Up – Nessly
Stifle – Ramandanman
Definitely Ride On Me – NA
QBT16 – MM
Lick Shotta – Cadenza
Nasa – Sami Baha

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