Hyp 284: Liquid City Motors

Hyp 284: Liquid City Motors

They say the Midwest does it best.

Following a string of releases on local label Close Up of the Serene, Milwaukee producer Will Mitchell (aka Liquid City Motors) has just put out a new EP, Current Source. This time it’s on Glacial Industries (who’ve previously brought us music from the likes of v1984 and Rabit), and it’s a bold new direction for artist and label alike. Grounded in classic Midwestern techno/electro, LCM adds in modern production techniques and higher tempos, and you can easily hear the influence of labels such as Teklife and Valve Recordings. Mitchell describes it best himself:

“[Current Source] represents spazzed-out dance floor catharsis, deference to the progenitors of Midwestern club music, and a manic obsession with the production, replication, and perception of recorded sound.”

LCM has put together a stunning Hyp mix for us; one which gives a lot of insight into what sort of headspace he was in while recording the new EP. It’s largely focused on the Midwest’s proud dance music heritage, with a couple of his own productions and also a few other stops along the way. From Drexciya and Traxman to Dillinja and Neana, dig in below.

Current Source is out now on Glacial Industries, grab it here.


Bentobox – Paint the Sky
DJ Shufflemaster – Looking for the Jerks B1
D.A.V.E. The Drummer- Hydraulix 6 B
Tension Records – Música Tension International 3 B1
Steve Poindexter – Express
Umfang – Ph
DJ Bone – Metallo
Neana on the Trak – Double Counter
Drexciya – Beyond the Abyss
DJ Lhoie – Jekyll and Hyde
Liquid City Motors – Catalytic Converter
DJ Stingray – The Strategy of Tension
RP Boo – Beat Me
Drexciya – Mantaray
Lemon D – I Can’t Stop
DJ Manny – Live Your Life
Randal Bravery – Suplex the Train
Traxman feat. DJ Fred – Taken a Trip U
Dillinja – Ja Know Ya Big
Altruist – DEET
DJ Taye feat. DJ Earl – Go 2 Sleep
DJ Spinn – Dey Comin’
Liquid City Motors – Current Source

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