Hyp 283: Chants

Hyp 283: Chants

Hard-hitting club tracks.

Following last April’s release of The Zookeeper on LA imprint Astral Plane Recordings, Wisconsin-based artist Chants is now returning with a new four-track EP, Amethyst Dust.

Born from nine months in the studio with self-imposed limitations, Amethyst Dust is a dynamic club-heavy record that spans the hectic horns of ‘Hellions’ to the delicate synth display of ‘Whole World Crumble’. Approaching electronic music from a drumming background, and having never lived in a city with a substantial club scene, Chants approaches the dance floor from an outsider’s perspective of sorts. The result is a dizzying EP that holds a melange of styles without sounding like anything else in particular.

In charge of this week’s Hyp mix, Chants displays his inclination for heavy-hitting club workouts, taking in tracks from the likes of Air Max ‘97, GRRL, Loom, Eaves and more. Play this one loud.

Here’s what Chants had to say about the mix:

“DJing is a new love of mine, something I’ve been circling around for a long time but only recently embraced wholeheartedly. This mix is representative of my current selection style — syncopated, drum-heavy, energetic, and with a certain feeling of rawness.

I had to remind myself to include some of my own tracks while recording this. Producing is still a different mentality but on this next EP I was more conscious than ever of the importance of physicality and impact, and I can see how the two are inevitably going to influence each other.”

Amethyst Dust is out March 3 on Astral Plane Recordings.


Second Woman – 100407jd7 (Chants edit)
Loom – Tokyo Cleanse
Bored Lord – Devil Talkin’
Chants – Crushed Lollipop (VIP)
monroe – Ride
GRRL – Shards
Nick James – Axis
Air Max ‘97 – Hounded
Normaling – Hit My Face
Soda Plains – Destroyment
SHALT – Still Primal
Eaves – Sin
Jam City – City Hummingbird x M.E.S.H. – Optimate (SHALT edit)
Chants – Whole World Crumble
Enya – Boadicea (Korma bootleg)
RA BY DA WAY/DJ Darkside – Casanova
RA BY DA WAY/djtrewitdadreaz – Monkey On That Stick
Epic B – Whine
Eaves – Agafia
Junior Makina vs Visionist – Dembow 2 Brexit
Superfície – Dengue Drums
MM – 9th Ritual (Suda remix)
Chants – Irruption
7777777 – Who
Baby Blue -Suffering and Pleasure
Poolboy 92 – Lips
SHALT x Supremes – Unconfined (Dis Fig Bootie)
Hi tom – WORK (cover)
Young Luxenberg & Ca$h Bandicoot – Juswanna
Randomer – Kids Play
Chants – Susurrus pt. II (Sim Hutchins remix)

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