Hyp 274: Bryan Kessler

Hyp 274: Bryan Kessler

Cologne’s recent Numbers signee spans psychedelia and thumping techno.

Making his first forays into music as a published poet, Bryan Kessler is one of the most exciting propositions to come out of Cologne’s vibrant club scene.

Especially prolific as a producer, Kessler’s gently broken take on house and techno has brought him to labels such as Low Hanging Fruit/Kompakt, LIKE, Physical, and most recently Glasgow institution Numbers. Bryan also utilises his previous live experience playing in bands to great effect, bringing an earth-shattering array of spontaneous noise to the fore at parties across Europe.

In light of his recent hard hitting release of 10,000 Suns for Numbers earlier this month, Kessler has graced us with a mix exemplifying his oddball musical taste – beginning with the psychedelia of Mongolian Jetset and segueing into a selection of thumping techno beats by the end.


Moon Jocks & Prog Rocks – Mongolian Jetset (Monezuma’s Rache Edit)
Disco Circus pt 1 (Cratebug Edit)
Lost Me Boy – Darci
Make You Whole – Andronicus
PC Disco Club – Diegors
Full Denim Jacket – Black Merlin
Escuela Nocturna – TYf
4 Floors Of Whores – Tzusing
Super Boo – Bryan Kessler
Rectum – Fango
Title Track – Pezzner
Swoon – Joe Howe
Coconut – Golf (Bryan Kessler Remix)
Fun is Fun – Bryan Kessler
Wizard of Love – Haecksler Version (Christian S Remix)

10,000 Suns EP is out now via Numbers, get your copy here.

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