Hyp 272: Lakker

Hyp 272: Lakker

Embark on a noisy, hour-long expedition with the Irish duo.

Now based in Berlin, Irish-born Dara Smith and Ian McDonnell have been pushing their incendiary twist on techno, hardcore and industrial as Lakker since their striking 2007 debut, Ruido. A hiatus followed that record until 2011, though in the past five years they’ve been on a winning streak, dropping an abundance of quality records for Blueprint, Stroboscopic Artefacts and one of electronic music’s most cherished institutions in R&S. Their most recent EP on the label, May’s Struggle & Emerge, charted the Dutch landscape’s relationship with water via a motley of field recordings and imposing sound design.

Lakker’s first Hyp mix was an absolute gem, so it was only right to invite the pair back as they gift us jackhammer techno, swooping ambience and weathered electronics on Hyp 272. A surging cut from Guy Andrews’ incredible debut LP for Houndstooth features, as well as recent hard-hitting numbers from Truss, Kowton and James Ruskin. Plenty of new music to seek your teeth into.

Lakker play The Hydra: Blueprint 20 at Studio Spaces E1 London, August 28. Tickets here.


LAIR – Invoke
Mar a Sabina Na – Ai-Ni_Tso
Alex Smoke – Dire Need (Lakker remix)
Jk_flesh – Tunnel
Whirling Hall Of Knives – PFP-Wp
The Fear Ratio – Comp
Guy Andrews – Without Names
rrose – swallows
Zoltan – Raptors
Random Gods – Milito (Vaghe Stelle Remix)
charlotte isabelle – anaba
these_hidden_hands – sz31x71
Overmono – Lockner Union
Swarm Intelligence B1 (Voitax Records)
Random Gods – Milito
kowton – balance
James Ruskin – Comp (Blueprint Records)
Truss – Wonastow
Arad – Cavern Cheer loop (unreleased)
Whirling Hall Of Knives – Vacuuluus
LAIR – Invoke
Eileen Carpio – Little Crunches

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