Hyp 270: Classical Trax

Hyp 270: Classical Trax

Essential listening from an ascending global club collective.

Classical Trax – an online global community of musicians and visual artists – has grown into one of the most crucial platforms for hearing the music of young club producers in the past year. Founded by Matt Lutz, aka DJ Rueckert, it’s been a hotbed for disparate dancefloor sounds, from the likes of Baltimore and Jersey club strains, to footwork, kuduro, ambient and grime experiments.

A monthly NTS Radio slot, a recent takeover of London’s Rye Wax by the Classical Trax UK arm, and a handful of compilations (including the essential Jamz! and Jamz! 2, which featured producers from Spain, France, Mexico, Japan and Australia) have all helped propel the Classical Trax family to the forefront of contemporary club music.

With this in mind, it felt like a fitting time to get DJ Rueckert on board for this week’s Hyp mix, where he weaves through floor ammunition from countless up-and-comers. You’ll find tracks from Philadelphia club experimentalist DJ Haram, Oslo’s Svani, and Anz, who contributes a square wave-loaded belter on top of that memorable skit from London comedy sensation Roll Safe.

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X/0 – How Far Can One Reach
Foozool – Sahman
Abyss X – Esoterrorism
Englesia – Un Ángel Enamorado
Coucou Chloé – Water Balloon
Deena Abdelwahed – El Bortou9Ala
Clara! – Reggaeton Signatures Ft. Dj Coquelin
Dj Junior – Lubango (Dj Ouai Edit)
Lil Tantrum – Aggressor
Suspect Bitch – Fatality
Traxxx Romay – Hands On Ur
Julia Joolz – Sassy Club Ha
Ida Dillan – Chemical Club
Sha Sha Kimbo – Quick Time
Mapalma – Ravenea
Mina – Ur Not Mine
Svani – Estoy X Loco
Dj Haram – More Ft Celline
Ballo – Nattonsket
Adipop Ft Douceur – Sincere
8Ulentina – Dowutudo
Mobilegirl – Play Edit
Purrpurrpurple – Need Me Edit
Kilbourne – I Want You To Know
Miley Serious – Sorry(Blessed By Angels Edit)
Malibu – Xxxclusivo
Terribliss – ????
Anz – Dead Trim

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