Hyp 268: Mark System

Hyp 268: Mark System

North London’s Mark System first arrived on the scene in the late ’90s as an MC. His early love for the city’s pirate radio stations led him to experiment with keyboards and microphones, and inevitably on the path to a musical career. As well as MCing for various London clubs and radio stations, System was crafting his own blend of drum and bass. His creations quickly gained approval from prominent figures like Shy FX, and his long standing association with Digital Soundboy has resulted in solo releases on the label, as well as the holding position for first choice on mic duties.

System has also built close ties with Exit Records head dBridge, after playing him his music on the drive to a gig in Bristol. This bond led to Systems’s first full length release on the label last year – Final Approach – where he further bolstered his name as producer of immense talent.

Reputable for eliciting equal intensity and emotion with his DJ sets we called upon System to record this week’s Hyp mix, where he explores the realms of fast tempos and bass weight, paying homage to the forefathers, as well as looking to the future. Marcus Intalex, Alix Perez and J Majik all inside.

Mark System plays at Farr Festival, Bygrave Woods, Hertfordshire, July 14-16. Tickets available here.

Callum Wright


Mauoq – Scriven Dub
Hidden Turn – Walk on the Wild Side
Fixate – Molecules
Tale of Us – Lies
Need for Mirrors – Acrobats
Alix Perez – Can’t You See
Marcus Intalex – Step Forward
Physics – Dream World (dBridge Remix)
Need for Mirrors, Digital & Spirit – Cool Vibration
The Invaderz – Be Around
J Majik – Rotation

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