Hyp 267: Naina

Hyp 267: Naina

A rising London DJ drops an abundance of current club sounds.

Since emerging in 2009, south London’s Reprezent FM has blossomed into one of the capital’s most vital stations. Kicking off as online-only before getting its FM licence in 2011, it’s become a prime outpost for championing young talent, and encompasses the wide scope of sounds that emanate from London, whether grime, rap, R&B, Afrobeats or club hybrids. As a social enterprise Reprezent also campaigns on issues that affect young people, and offers training in everything from radio production and communication skills to media law and CV creation.

One of the most consistently exciting shows on Reprezent is Motion, which is hosted by London-based DJ Naina every Friday night. Shining light on a medley of contemporary club styles, Naina plays the best the dance floor has to offer, with a number of global artists stopping by or recording guest mixes. Recent contributors include ballroom icon and Qween Beat head MikeQ, Chicago footwork upstart and Teklife member DJ Taye, Australian producers Strict Face and Air Max ’97, and New Jersey club talent UNiiQU3. Head to Naina’s Soundcloud for a listen back to past broadcasts.

Taking on our Hyp mix series this week, Naina weaves just under 40 slices of high octane and infectious floor fillers into an hour of pure fun. It opens a window into the music you can catch on her show and club sets – get moving to GRRL, Lloyd SB, Nina Las Vegas, Deadboy & Murlo, Gant-Man and plenty more below.

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GRRL- ‘Kick’
Arma- ‘Drum Circle’
Mike G- ‘Snakeskin Broth’
DJ Svani- ‘Whats it Gonna Be’
Massacooramaan – ‘Swine Shrieks’ (Monotronique Bootleg)
90s Nick- ‘Take it Take it (Love Me Love Me)
Ca$h Bandicoot- ‘IMMA’
Beyonce- Formation (MikeQ remix)
Ca$h Bandicoot x Radical Kid- ‘Lets Find Out’
DJ Svani- MSMSMSM x Sugur Shane
Ducky- ‘You Don’t Have To’ (Javascript remix)
Madonna- Vogue (Boyfriends Twerk Team remix)
Sha Sha Kimbo- di Prima
GRRL- Hit Em
BROKEN HAZE- ‘Backfire’
Spice Girls- ‘Spice Up Your Life’ (Javascript Remix)
Natlek- ‘Opinel Jam’
Lokane- ‘Shake the Gears’
Lloyd SB- ‘King of the Castle’
AHADADREAM- ‘Lady Saw Drum Dub’
Nina Las Vegas- ‘Contagious’ (Feat Snappy Jit)
Nire ft. Maluca & Nani Castle – ‘Commie Mommie’ (UNIIQU3 Remix)
Sugur Shane/Knockout- ‘Thunder Cxnt’
DBM (Deadboy & Murlo)- ‘Squeeze’
Lil Texas x Whipped Cream- ‘Hey Mami’
Recluse- Get It
Monotronique- GMG Riddim
TWRK- Helicopter (DJ Sliink Remix)
Bok Bok – Melba’s Call ft. Kelela (DJ J Heat Jersey Club Remix)
Beyonce – Formation (YK Jersey Club Remix)
Snappy Jit- Beast Mode feat Jammin Joe (original mix)
Kanye West- Fade (Gant-Man Juke remix)
Ducky- Rave Tool 17

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