Hyp 265: Demian Licht

Hyp 265: Demian Licht

The Mexican techno specialist draws for Abdulla Rashim, Holly Herndon and more.

You get the feeling Demian Licht doesn’t do anything half-heartedly. She’s the only woman in Latin America to hold an Ableton Certified Trainer certificate, and runs her own label Motus Records, as well as Motus Org – an “international organisation for the advancement of culture in sound production technologies, music and avant-garde arts.” Starting her foray into production 10 years ago, she recently told Electronic Beats, “it was something completely new for a Latin American woman to be interested in technology, sound or electronic music”. Since then she’s emerged as one of the Mexican techno scene’s strongest proponents, and appeared in the Mexico City feature in this documentary on Discwoman, an all-woman DJ collective promoting gender diversity in the global electronic music scene.

The first in a two-volume EP, Female Criminals Vol. I is her self-released debut, and an explosive bit of dance music. Informed by techno, Krautrock, the female figures of rock & roll and David Lynch aesthetics, each of its cuts holds a restless energy that conjures the ideal soundtrack to any peak time city rave. From the mesmeric vocal loops of ‘Sin’ to the serrated synth patterns of ‘Domina’, the EP harbours a somewhat sinister undercurrent. Demian cites it as exposing “the notion that behind a female mind, inside of a body that is able to give life, there could exist in parallel, a machiavellian mind, able to provoke death and able to be wicked”.

Now she takes to the Hyp mix series with a nod to the artists she admires, and a selection of her own tracks. It’s an excellent assemblage of current sounds, including those from Holly Herndon, Nina Kraviz, Abdulla Rashim and Eomac. Press play and check the tracklist after the jump.

“Artists that I respect between the tracks of my Ep Female Criminals Vol. I.” – Demian Licht

Female Criminals Vol. I is out now on Demian Licht’s Motus Records. Order it here.


1. Rrose – Onceless (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
2. Holly Herndon (Movement – Rvng Intl.)
3. Demian Licht – Sin (Motus Records)
4. Abdulla Rashim – Internal Fall (Northern Electronics)
5. Rrose – Cavity (Eaux)
6. Demian Licht – Indomitus (Motus Records)
7. Kangding Ray – Thar (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
8. Abdulla Rashim – A shell of speed (Northern Electronics)
9. Demian Licht – Domina (Motus Records)
10.Kangding Ray – Amber Decay (Raster Noton)
11.Demian Licht- Furia (Motus Records)
12.Nina Kraviz – Let´s do it (Trip)
13.Eomac – I am starting to believe (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

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