Hyp 263: Casino Times

Hyp 263: Casino Times

The London-based Wolf Music artists bring the goods on Hyp 263.

Casino Times are London duo Joseph Spencer and Nicholas Church, who’ve been fashioning slick, deep house for the past few years on a number of quality labels. Having released on their own Casino Edits imprint, Munich house specialists Permanent Vacation, and Bristol stronghold Futureboogie, the pair are now returning to Wolf Music with a ten-track LP. Wolf Music have been going from strength to strength since emerging seven years ago, having provided an array of records that tread classically-minded house and disco, yet are almost impossible to pigeonhole, with appearances coming from Frits Wentink, Medlar, KRL, Mr Fries and Inkswel.

Having first landed on the label in 2013 with Wolf EP 23, Spencer and Church have been working on their debut album – Familiar Circles – for over four years. This comes across in the record’s delicate and considered approach to club music, and helps explain their distinctly varied sound. Up this week on mix duty, Casino Times craft an hour-long exploration of smooth, dance floor jams. A number of their own tracks pop up alongside those from Pantha du Prince, Brazilian soul maven Tim Maia, and the late Canadian composer Bruce Haack, whose 1979 track ‘Mean Old Devil’ hints at the music that would emerge in the following years.

Familiar Circles is out now on Wolf Music. Grab it here.


  1. Kettel – Buxom Berceuse
  2. Invisible Cities – Edge of Our Love
  3. Casino Times – Keyboard Warrior
  4. Thomalla – Oh Sunday
  5. Joe Europe – Deep Point
  6. Casino Times – Carlotta
  7. Bruce Haack – Mean Old Devil
  8. Hrdvsion – Captivated Heart
  9. Pantha Du Prince – Behind The Stars
  10. Peter Dundov – Stairway
  11. Casino Times – Overcome
  12. Tendencies – Sunshowers
  13. Casino Edits #2 – B
  14. The Green Door All-Stars – Come With Me
  15. Tim Maia – O Descobridor Dos Sete Mares
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