Hyp 261: J(ay).A.D

Hyp 261: J(ay).A.D

The Suriname-born, Amsterdam-based producer’s grime and footwork abstractions have already received support from Björk.

Born in Suriname and now residing in Amsterdam, Jason Rayman has been producing under different aliases for over 15 years, but it wasn’t till 2011 that he adopted the J(ay).A.D title upon hearing Planet Mu’s influential Bangs & Works footwork compilations. He’s since used that moniker to build tracks that mesh broken fragments of grime, footwork, dancehall and Surinamese Kaseko music, having released the excellent Asema EP on Symbols last year – and has received past support from Boxed co-founder Slackk and experimental pop auteur, Björk.

His productions find the sweet spot between the rumbling low-end of jungle and the angular bite of grime’s early days, so it’s no surprise Om Unit has brought him into the fold on CBD, the digi only offshoot of Cosmic Bridge Records devoted to new talent. The Keti Koti EP, out April 29, sees J(ay).A.D. lay down six rousing cuts that hit you head on. From the propulsive breaks of ‘Send Off’ to the lugubrious grime experiments of ‘Get Out Of My Head’, Keti Koti is a formidable statement from a producer truly coming into his own.

Now on Hyp mix duty, J(ay).A.D. wanders through a potent cocktail of bass-heavy forms, skittering between the myriad sounds he’s found solace in over the years. You’ll be treated to heaters from Ital Tek, Mark Pritchard and Mala, as well as the pounding rhythms of ‘Gully Havles’ from Alix Perez’s EP, and DJ Rashad’s intoxicating 2011 jam, ‘Ghost’. Dig in…

Keti Koti is out April 29 on Cosmic Bridge Digital. Pre-order it here.


  1. WHeez-ie Keep Ur Chin Up
  2. Munchi – Straat Taki
  3. j kenzo – skatta
  4. Sully – Routine
  5. Krampfhaft – faux art
  6. Badawi & Machinedrum – No Schnitzel (machinedrum Remix)
  7. LV- Steak Night
  8. Sam Binga & Om unit – 1000 Cats
  9. Fracture – Big booty Girls
  10. Graphs – Keep it One Billion
  11. Lenky and Sly – Now Thing
  12. Khun – Slime Beach (Philip d. Kick Remix)
  13. Mark pritchard – Natty
  14. Ital tek – Coblat
  15. Zebra Kats – Winter titty (wheez-ie Remix)
  16. Ean – Burnt
  17. Stereotyp – Fog One
  18. So Shifty – Darkas Riddim
  19. Dub Phizix Ft. Fox – Never been
  20. Loxy & Resound – Black Hole
  21. Kid Drama – What Do You See
  22. Self evident & Mackadiamond – Decollage
  23. Alix perez – Gully Halves
  24. Chimpo Ft. Dub phizix & SKeptical – Buzzin
  25. Amit – Killer Driller
  26. Congo natty – Uk Allstars (machinedrum remix)
  27. Skeptical – Tundra
  28. Stray – Break Your Legs
  29. Mala – Forgive
  30. Dj Rashad – Ghost
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