Hyp 260: R.O.S.H.

Hyp 260: R.O.S.H.

Drumz For Eternity’s first artist R.O.S.H. unleashes heady dancefloor heat on Hyp 260.

Drumz For Eternity is the new Bristol-based label who are “wrestling with the heritage of house, UK funky, jazz and weighted dance floor materials”, and aim to “provide a platform for new music that encapsulates all that has been great about club and rave culture over the past quarter century, whilst keeping a firm eye on moving things forward.” Their first outing certainly cements that ethos. Roshan Chauhan, aka R.O.S.H., is the Hertfordshire producer who crafts bracing club music with a dizzying array of influences. Chauhan is a professional mixing engineer by trade, and in his own time he’s been building on his own productions, with his first release landing on Drumz For Eternity earlier this month. For My Bristol Friends holds two versions of the same track, with the B-side’s ‘After Party Mix’ holding the kind of visceral bass-heavy techno the South West is known for – setting the bar high for the label’s future releases.

On Hyp 260, Chauhan brings seething heaters from the likes of Roska, Four Tet, Baltimore house legend Karizma, as well as a heap of his own unreleased joints.

Before you tuck into his electrifying hour-long mix below, R.O.S.H. has a few choice words you should take in:

“May Contain: Long Blends; Hidden Blends; Secret Tracks; Cue Button Spamming; High Pass Filtering; Abuse Of Pioneer Echo Effect; Proto UK Funky; Moments Of Intense Techno; Spin Backs; Wheel Ups; Flashbacks To Your Ex; Flashbacks To Sobering Moments In The Loo; Eye Watering Moments Of Clarity; My Dad Singing; Head Nodding; Fist Pumping; Straight Skanking and 6 or More Previously Unheard R.O.S.H. Tracks;

If you feel you might be allergic to any of the ingredients listed here, then it is suggested you seek either a trained medical professional or you contact R.O.S.H. directly at itsroshmusic@gmail.com to be administered bland tech house mixes to counteract any symptoms bought up while listening to the mix.”

For My Bristol Friends is out now on Drumz For Eternity. Grab it here. 

Featured image: Lina Jonsson 


  1. R.O.S.H. – THTHRITW [unreleased]
  2. Four Tet – Sing (Extended Mix)
  3. DJ Gregory – Traffic
  4. Karizma – 2wice
  5. Geeneus – In To The Future
  6. R.O.S.H. – For My Bristol Friends (High Emotions Mix)
  7. R.O.S.H. – Drift Easy
  8. Roska – I Need Love
  9. R.O.S.H. – Atal
  10. Rhythmic Theory – Future Tense
  11. R.O.S.H. – Mostly A’s
  12. Untold – Motion The Dance
  13. Blawan – Scarborough Harbour
  14. Randomer – Side Crack
  15. R.O.S.H. – Exhaustive Trends
  16. D Malice – Gabryelle Refix
  17. Pangaea – They Buy Gold
  18. Lucy & Xhin – Lx3
  19. Rod – RSPCT
  20. R.O.S.H. – PACE
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