Hyp 259: Dieckmanns

Hyp 259: Dieckmanns

Brazilian-born producer and 1Ø Pills Mate signee Dieckmanns drops murky techno and screeching acid.

Superbly named London imprint 1Ø Pills Mate first released the ND 12″ from Glasgow young gun Steven Simpson in 2015, which was a suitably sweaty ode to vintage house, acid and breakbeat. The label’s ethos was made clear from the start, summarised in press materials as: “Heavy come-downs and even heavier drum-jams. This is one for the true believers, the baggy white tee crew and everyone who’s ever gotten lost in a dark, sweaty basement.”

Their second release comes from Brazilian-born artist Vinicius Duarte, who records under a variety of projects including Thingamajicks, his collaboration with Greek producer Iakovos as Deemonlover, and Dieckmanns. It’s under this last alias that Duarte now graces 1Ø Pills Mate. His Soft Spot 12″ – which was released as a Bandcamp-only CDR through his SubSubTropics label in 2014, and comes out on vinyl for the first time next month – holds two tracks that are a full-on voyage through screeching and squelching acid house, backed by two contrasting remixes from lakovos and Seixlack.

Dieckmanns is on Hyp duty this week with a mix that’s as raw and rugged as you’d expect, yet littered with moments of clouded serenity. You’ll find cuts from DJ Richard (which appeared on one of our favourite albums of 2015), Portugese producer IVVVO on Creme Organization, and a number of Duarte’s own ferocious creations, under both his Dieckmanns and Thingamajicks monikers. Scuzzy and unrelenting, you’ll want to play this one loud…

Soft Spot is out now on 1Ø Pills Mate. Grab it here.

1 – Social Service – Hex (Motion Ward records)
2 – Russel Haswell – hardwax flashback (Diagonal)
3 – Japa Habilidoso + Savio de Queiroz – 001 (unreleased)
4 – Elbee Bad – Ole Skool & Futuristic! (LaRhon)
5 – Ñaka Ñaka – def def (Black Opal)
7 – Aerep – iwfu (unreleased)
8 – Evol – Proper Headshrinker 1 (Editions Mego)
9 – Ivvvo – 0000 (Creme Organization)
10 – NHK’Koyxen – 638 (Pan)
11 – Violets – Sunset (Universal Ape sounds)
12 – dieckmanns – kntr (unreleased)
13 – CoastDream – ABC theme/Sunny Breeze (Renascence)
14 – DJ Richard – Nighthawk (Dial)
15 – Madteo – Hoodshedding (Latency)
16 – thingamajicks – radical disco tape experiment # 4 (Radical Disco)
17 – Pan Daijing – PV_TR3 (unreleased)
18 – Ekman – Acid7 (Vereker Remix) (Berceuse Heroique)
19 – dieckmanns – untitled (unreleased)
20 – dieckmanns – untitled (unreleased)

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