Hyp 257: Morgan Hislop

Hyp 257: Morgan Hislop

An eclectic mix of club sounds from across the globe.

Morgan Hislop is a London-based producer and multimedia artist who unleashed his stunning debut solo EP, Smitten, on Phone Home Records last December (listen to standout track ‘Restless Like Me’ here). Having first released a 2014 single, ‘Bright As The Moon, But Darkened By The Drama’, on Slugabed’s Activia Benz label, last year’s EP was a confident first statement – merging the worlds of introspective bedroom pop with more club-ready R&B jams for something that was distinctly personal. The EP was even described as “an audio journal; an optimistic ode to the recovery of separation.” Morgan also created the record’s accompanying artwork, and you can’t help but feel his prowess in this discipline informs his hi-def, widescreen sound.

On Hyp 257, Morgan has dug deep during a time of intense creation as he preps his latest EP. With the mix titled ‘I Wouldn’t Call It Treasure But Hopefully You Find It Useful’, there’s certainly some gold to be found here, with a wide reach of club sounds from around the globe popping up. Expect to hear a collab between Sinjin Hawke and New Jersey’s MikeQ, a beatless lullaby from Brainfeeder footwork producer DJ Paypal, and the hard-hitting sounds of Lisbon’s DJ Marfox.

Here’s what Morgan himself has to say about the mix:

“The mix has been put together during a time when I’m recording a load of tracks for a new EP. A lot of these tracks on the playlist I had been playing out at clubs and parties, but I wanted to show’n’tell what my ears have been tuned to at the beginning of this year so far. So this is a bit of a mood board, or scrap book.”

“It’s an eclectic one, and includes tracks that I’ve really loved from the likes of Ducky, Sega Bodega, Ossie, MikeQ, DJ Paypal, Nadus; and also includes some curveballs in there. With a mix I always want to add a sense of narrative that settles you in and sucks you into a bubble for the duration, and the mysterious dialogue during the intro ( I couldn’t tell you where it’s from!) might be my personal favourite yet.” 

Smitten is out now on Phone Home Records. You can catch Morgan at the following shows:

Fri 18th March – Royal College Of Art, London – DJ Set
Thurs 24th March – KLDSCP at Green Door Store, Brighton – DJ Set w/ Mount Bank, Foreign Skin
Thurs 14th April – Racket 808 at The Waiting Room, London – Live Set w/ Fine Print, Tullia Benedicta


Maximillion Dunbar – For Mozy / ?????

Prefab Sprout – Appetite

Dreams – Wasted Time

Morgan Hislop – Restless Like Me

Sega Bodega – Land Of Ooo

Ossie & PHRH – Ugly Observation

Carpainter – Double Rainbow

JK JR – Ghost String (Seablaze Remix)

Swick & Lewis – Yumi Fruit

Joakim & Bambounou – Wizard Battle

Sabre – Cascavel Breeze

Ducky – I’m Not A Player I Just… (Margaret Antwood Remix)

Sinjin Hawke & Mike Q – Thunderscan (VIP)

Chicane – Don’t Give Up

OL & Yoin – Sink

Silkersoft – Waterlust

Nadus – Sharpe James

DJ Marfox – Lucky Punch

Jack U – Where Are U Now (Instrumental) / Amerie – One Thing

Cain – Nagan (Morgan Zarate Remix)

Sun People – The Difference

The Prodigy – No Good

Panda Bear – Come To Your Senses (Danny L Harle Remix)

DJ Paypal – Sonnade

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