Hyp 255: Trans A.M

Hyp 255: Trans A.M

Trans A.M are Bristol duo, Harry and James, who’ve just released their debut EP Speechless on SPE:C.

SPE:C is a new Berlin imprint that’s headed up by Darwin, resident DJ at the city’s Griessmuehle club. She describes the label’s remit as “heavy, sci-fi influenced techno and broken, bass driven grooves” – a perfect home for the boys from Bristol then.

The first release on SPE:C was last year’s Begyndelsen EP. That came courtesy of techno head Decka, who also happens to be not just a fellow Bristolian, but Trans A.M’s flat-mate.

Speechless is two tracks of equally hard-hitting, hi-res, high-quality techno. The title cut is driven by punishing kicks but gives more than a cursory nod to Bristol’s bass culture, while ‘I Feel As Though’ takes the opportunity to flex its percussive muscles.

To accompany their debut EP, Trans A.M have shared this rather excellent hour-long mix with us. It opens atmospherically with the blissful ambient wash of Ness’ ‘Chronoscope’, before Marco Zenker’s thunderous ‘Lubiana’ kicks things off properly. ‘I Feel As Though’ crops up about halfway through, bleeding through into Batu’s ‘Bleeper Feed’. There’s also unreleased tracks from both Trans A.M and Decka towards the end, alongside material from the likes of Gaunt, Skee Mask and J. G. Biberkopf.

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Ness – Chronoscope (Rising)
Zenker Brothers – Lubiana (Illian Tape)
MGUN – Tritan (Don’t Be Afraid)
VC-118a – B76 Over Land (Radio Matrix)
Gaunt – MMRH (Mistry)
RE // LC – Six Headed Laser System (Brothers)
Ka One & St Sene – G.U.R.U (Finale Sessions)
Dempa – Scabulous (Akute)
Trans A.M – I Feel As Though (SPE:C)
Batu – Bleeper Feed (Livity Sound)
Skee Mask – Shred08 (Illian Tape)
Acronym – Aftermath (Northern Electronics)
Iori – Maya (Semantica)
Decka – Isolated (Unreleased)
Trans A.M – Untitled (Unreleased)
Alexander Philips – Protected By Greyscale (Unreleased)
ø (Phase) – Burden Of Proof (Token)
Jacque Gaspard Biberkopf – Age Of Aquarius (Knives)

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