Hyp 254: Grade 10

Hyp 254: Grade 10

Rising art collective and vinyl-only label Grade 10 have been bubbling under the surface since their initial release from Kollaps last May. The eight strong crew – which consists of Prayer, Forever, Classic Coke, 8Ball, Loosewomen, Nokia Boys, Unslaved and the Kollaps duo (Prayer and another G10 member) – explore an eclectic range of motifs in there work, harbouring sounds that make nods towards raw cult movements including, but not bound to – jungle, grime, footwork and rave, along with noticeable ambient and classical influences.

A number of standout releases on the imprint include Prayer’s brooding Beneath EP and Loosewomen’s soul-tinged club banger Nobody. With a truly DIY and collaborative approach to creating and releasing music, the crew showcased some of their best work with the spectacularly titled Now! That’s What I Call Grade 10 tape in December. Their next release will be an EP from Unslaved – more details on that to come soon.

Grade 10 member Classic Coke turned in a frenetic footwork mix last year on Hyp 238, and this time the whole squad are on hand with a 100% Grade 10 production showcase which is a thrilling union of longing ambient pieces, rugged jungle workouts and sombre trap excursions. Explore the sounds of Grade 10 below and be sure to catch their slot on Hyponik Station of the Year, Radar Radio, every 4th Wednesday of the month, 10pm-12am.

Keep up to date with the Grade 10 crew on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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