Hyp 253: Bakradze

Hyp 253: Bakradze

Bakradze is one of a number of aliases used by producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Gacha Bakradze, who hails from Georgia. His talent was first highlighted through Remember under his Gacha moniker, released via R&S sub-label Apollo Records in 2012. The EP saw Gacha explore post-dubstep minimalism, with B-side ‘Bowl’ harbouring dashes of Detroit house under a 2-step palette – displaying the producer’s willingness to traverse multiple themes.

He’s since expanded his repertoire with releases under the aliases Winter Flags and Bakradze on labels 2nd Drop, Delsin Records and his own imprint, Transfigured Time. His releases under Bakradze tend to explore house and techno, and he revealed during a DJ Broadcast interview that he produces under the moniker mostly during periods of extensive DJing.

Bakradze’s latest outing comes via Hypercolour sub-label Space Hardware. Having been established in 2012, Restless will be the Bristol imprint’s first full length offering, as well as the first LP for the Bakradze project, with the album highlighting his propensity for rich texture, melody and soul.

On Hyp 253 Bakradze delves into house, techno, and disco territory, with forthcoming exclusives from the man himself as well as tracks from the likes of Phil Weeks, Metropolitan Soul Museum and Chicago legends, Chez N Trent. Get into the mix below…

Featured image: Anna Kobakhidze

Bakradze – Quiet Loop (Transfigured Time)
Royal Crown Of Sweden – Soft Things (Probito)
DJ Sotofett & Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Main Bar Mix (Honest Jon’s)
Phil Weeks – Live At Palladium (Robsoul)
Laurence Guy – Ubik (forthcoming Cin Cin)
Jaffa Surfa –  Souled Out Banoffee Pies Records
Submo ft Andrew Ashong – Needs (Gacha Bakradze Remix) (forthcoming Ninja Tune)
Matthias Reiling – Warm Down
Gacha Bakradze – Drift (Norman Nodge Remix) (forthcoming Best Works)
Metropolitan Soul Museum – A&E (Toy Tonics)
Burnt Friedman – Uzu (Nonplace)
Bakradze – Sad Arpeggios (forthcoming Space Hardware)
Anil Aras – Shake Dat Ass (Hot Hause Recs)
Diana Ross – Have Fun (Again)
Unknown – People’s Park
Chez n Trent – The Choice
Unknown – Chant de femmes
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