Hyp 252: DJ Mitsu the Beats

Hyp 252: DJ Mitsu the Beats

With a career spanning over 20 years, DJ Mitsu the Beats has earned a notorious reputation amongst the underground Hip-Hip community as a masterful turntablist and serial beatmaker, widely hailed as the Japanese incarnation of Pete Rock, DJ Premier and J Dilla! With such high accolades amongst his peers, its no surprise that Mitsu is well versed in the sample game, and his his solo productions and work alongside the Japanese Hip-Hop collective GAGLE are all examples of a superhuman ability to select and mix rare, soulful grooves with absolute precision. More recently, Mitsu delivered a Boiler Room set unlike no other where he dropped a wonderfully eclectic collection of records, moving from warped, downtempo Beats to upbeat House james with effortless style.

Released last Friday (19th December), his latest collection of Beat Installments is further evidence of this, paying homage to the Fender Rhodes Piano which has served an essential role in the progression of Jazz, Soul and Hip-Hop over the last half a century. On Beat Installments Vol. 3, he delivers a collection of warm, summery melodies and finely crafted beats underpinned by that airy, effortless style only achieved by a man on the top of his game.

On Hyp 252, Mitsu digs deep into his record collection and offers up a killer 1hr live recording of his characteristically smooth turntable work. Its pretty amazing how easily he seems to transition from genre to genre and this mix is a great example of that. Check out the swift transfer at 13:50 which bounces from offbeat Jazz to in the pocket Funk in a matter of seconds. Mad skills.

Hyp 252: DJ Mistu the Beats by Hyponik on Mixcloud

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