Hyp 247: West Norwood Cassette Library (Wildchild Tribute)

Hyp 247: West Norwood Cassette Library (Wildchild Tribute)

WNCL Records is a label operating out of South London run by West Norwood Cassette Library aka Bob Bhamra – an underrated producer and DJ we’ve long been an admirer of. Since Bob inaugurated the imprint with his ‘What It Is’ 12″ back in 2010 the label has gone on to release a steady stream of top quality music from the likes of Canadian recluse Kevin McPhee, the don Don Froth and cave-dwelling Techno talent J.Tijn. Bob doesn’t have a particularly strict criteria when it comes to choosing the music he releases, he simply has to like it. In the years before WNCL he put out some mid 90s House trax as The Bob Bhamra Project, a bit of late 90s Drum and Bass with Plastic Soul, a few Ambient-y releases at the turn of the millenium with Data 70 and one-off sound projects as No.1 Astronaut.

Continuing with their fifth birthday celebrations Bob had originally planned to do a WNCL Recordings only mix to celebrate the label’s 5th anniversary but, when he realised that November 2015 also marks the death of Roger ‘Wildchild’ Mackenzie, he decided to turn in a tribute mix to his productions. As Bob says himself, “2015 is the 5th anniversary of WNCL Recordings. Alas, 2015 also marks 20 years since the sad passing of legendary UK House producer, Roger “Wildchild” Mackenzie. For my Hyponik mix, I wanted to pay tribute to the underground hero whose music has been a constant influence on West Norwood Cassette Library and the WNCL label.” RIP.

Hyp 247: West Norwood Casette Library by Hyponik on Mixcloud

Track list
01 BITCH . That Hip Hop Track (Bush)
02 BITCH . That Other Hip Hop Track (Bush)
03 BUFFALO SOLDIER . Undercover Bitch (Bush)
04 BITCH . Not A Hip Hop Track (Bush)
05 BITCH . Bad Boy Come Again (Wildchild Mix) (Bush)
06 EAST 17 . Do You Still (Wildchild Bonus Beats) (London)
07 THE DARKNESS . Take A Change (Dark Black Instrumental) (Groove On)
08 AZTEC JUNGLE . Go With The Tempo (Drumapella)
09 WILDCHILD . Tribal Bitch Pt. 2 (Nitebeat)
10 WILDCHILD . Dance No More (0703 Mix) (Dark Black Recordings)
11 WILDCHILD . I’ve Got To Be Sure (Dark Black Dub) (Playtime)
12 THE WILDCHILD EXPERIENCE . Yes! This Is My House (Loaded)
13 THE WILDCHILD EXPERIENCE . Bring It Down (Distorted Dub) (Loaded)
14 THE WILDCHILD EXPERIENCE . Jump To My Beat (US Remix) (Loaded)
15 THE WILDCHILD EXPERIENCE . Know Eye (Long As You Like Mix) (Loaded)
16 THE WILDCHILD EXPERIENCE . Keep It Going (Loaded)
17 BITCH . You Are My Children (Dark Black Mix) (Bush)
18 THIS ‘LIL BLACK BOY . Come Inside (Vibe)
19 WILDCHILD . To The Beat (Stronghouse)
20 WILDCHILD . Legends Of The Dark Black Pt. 2 (Dark Black Anthem) (Hi Life)

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