Hyp 246: Sim Hutchins

Hyp 246: Sim Hutchins

As the latest signing to the great No Pain In Pop label (after some friendly trolling to their Twitter account with cryptic messages encouraging them to listen to his demos), Sim Hutchins’ emotive debut album ‘Tie Me To A Rocket (And Point Me At The Ground)’ arrives as the perfect soundtrack to this time time of year, as long, dark nights become increasingly veiled in a haze of descending winter fog. His music is experimental and tattered, made with beaten up guitar pedals, 80s FX units and synths he found in a skip – creating a sound that is cold, crunchy and overflowing with anti-freeze like textures. Drawing influence from the likes of Actress, Hieroglyphic Being, William Basinski and Jandek his music is unpredictable and enjoyably odd, often swamped in tape hiss and naff reverb, but all the while intensely emotional.

Having cut his teeth over the past decade in and around the Grime scene, working with MCs, playing on Essex pirate radio and the East Anglian free party scene; in recent times Sim has adopted a more introverted and singular approach to creativity, developing an individual style which is cemented with the release of this LP.

On Hyp 246 Sim provides us with a mix that explores his colourful musical pedigree whilst working in a selection of his own material, which sit comfortably in amongst some of his biggest influences.

Hyp 246: Sim Hutchins by Hyponik on Mixcloud

Track list
01. Sim Hutchins – Don’tListen2UrHeart
02. Tarcar – Eija 87
03. Low – Do You Know How To Waltz
04. Slam – Reverse Proceed
05. King Midas Sound & Fennesz – Loving or Leaving
06. Rhythm & Sound – Smile
07. Sun Araw – Sun Ark Prayer Tapes, Vol. 2
08. Sim Hutchins – Isolationist Revival S.Q.U.A.D.
09. Sully – Scram
10. Ed Rush – Skylab
11. Torn Hawk & Karen Gwyer – Gauze (Sped)
12. Cut Hands – Festival Of The Dead Ondo
13. Container – Cushion
14. Armando – Waveforms
15. Daniel Bell – Baby Judy
16. DBX – Signal Zero
17. Patricia – Bem Inventory – Mercury In Retrograde
18. Sim Hutchins – Wasp Cell
19. Xasthur – Walker of Dissonant World

‘I Enjoy To Sweep A Room’ is out 6th November 2015 on No Pain In Pop

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