Hyp 241: Sofie

Hyp 241: Sofie

Born in Palo Alto in California, and now based in London, Sofie Fatouretchi is a core member of the Boiler Room team, currently responsible for programming, creative direction and merchandise. A former employee at Peanut Butter Wolf’s Stones Throw Records in LA, she connected with Boiler Room when they booked their first across-the-pond broadcast on the West Coast, that evening warming up the turntables for none other than Dam-Funk, J Rocc and Wolf himself. A relationship was born between the two camps that night that ultimately lead to her joining the team – that, and the quite frankly ridiculous, 12-hour Wolf BR broadcast from 2013.

A talented DJ and musician in her own right, it was the wonderfully stoned vibe of her radio show on NTS that lead us to enquire about assembling this mix for Hyponik. As the show’s bio succinctly nails: “Let Sofie’s SOS Radio be your astral audiovoyage through hazy beats, psych, funk, g-funk, dusty grooves and all kinds of rare tape rap.” Fatouretchi is also a classically trained musician who spent time studying violin and viola at the Conservatory of Music in Vienna, at 12 years-old she performed a violin solo at Carnegie Hall and currently holds a position within the Peckham Chamber Orchestra.

Inspired by “Deez Fruit Basket, real winners and power cuts during radio shows”, Hyp 241 is a heart-felt selection of dusty faves: think Brothers Johnson, 4U, Monique Miller, Was (Not Was) and tons of fun in-between.

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Track list:
Not this time

Featured image: Ellie Smith

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