Hyp 237: Rushmore

Hyp 237: Rushmore

London-based party House Of Trax emerged in early 2012, giving the capital’s club scene a much needed boost in the styles that founders Fools and Rushmore were providing: Ghetto House, Jersey Club, Ballroom and Footwork, amongst others. With past guests including GHE20G0TH1K founder Venus X, modern Ballroom spearhead MikeQ and Dance Mania affiliate Tyree Cooper, the East London night has always focused on the best underground club music the US has to offer. They’ve also branched into a record label, establishing Trax Couture in 2013. Their first release came in the form of Rushmore’s brilliant ‘HOT001’ and have since featured a slew of artists on their World Series EPs that recently blossomed into an impressive  full-length.

Rushmore serves up a genre-bending Hyp mix this week that has a strong emphasis on music from the States. Spanning an array of sounds, from Ghetto to Ballroom to Footwork, it’s an hour long journey of feverish drum workouts, hefty subs and crude vocal cut-ups – a perfect soundtrack for dancefloor face-offs. A good number of his own productions feature alongside those from House Of Trax affiliates Evil Streets and Grovestreet, as well as cuts from Ghetto House legend DJ Deeon and Hyperdub mainstay – Cooly G. Here’s a few words from Rushmore himself on the direction behind the mix:

‘The mix was recorded live this morning in my studio, real life up-fader crackles [old DJM600] and everything. Most of my tracks on this are unreleased, some are forthcoming…the unknown ones are unreleased and will be out in the next few months. I wanted to cover quite a few bases from US music: Rap, House, Ghetto, Jersey, Ballroom, Footwork. It’s fairly true to most of the DJ sets that I play, but they obviously vary to any of those extremes given the circumstances. Hope you enjoy the new shit on here from me too!’

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Tracklist :

  1. Colonel Loud – California
  2. Jimmy Edgar – Feel What It Is
  3. Beat King – Pop Yo Pussy
  4. Gangsta Boo – Kill Bitches
  5. Rushmore – Scene Talking Giberish
  6. Rushmore – If You There
  7. Rushmore – Morning Hustle
  8. Rushmore – Pump Fiction
  9. Jimmy Edgar – Two Of Wands
  10. Cooly G – Booboo
  11. Jimmy Edgar – Dip Chair
  12. Rushmore – She Here
  13. Rushmore – Soho Only
  14. Rushmore – Tripsing
  15. Rushmore – Let em Sleep
  16. Byrell The great – Don’t PVnic
  17. Rushmore – Elevator
  18. C++ Optical Fracture
  19. Rushmore – Stance
  20. Rushmore – Clubbed Up
  21. Bleaker – Jam
  22. … – Traga Traga [Neana on the trak remix]
  23. Rushmore – Feel it
  24. … – El Cuerpo [Imaabs remix]
  25. Cam & China – Pesos
  26. Evil Streets – Horns Memphis
  27. Boska – Shesick
  28. Grovestreet – Hammer & Fickle
  29. Dougie F& DJ Fire – Back Up On it
  30. Nadus – Nxwrk [R3ll edit]
  31. Byrell the great – Flawless Elevator
  32. Paul Johnson – Tenacious
  33. Dj Deeon – Gigabytes
  34. Dj Deeon – Work this MF
  35. Ah project – TheDrum
  36. Rushmore – Devotion
  37. Rushmore – Dense Shout
  38. Unknown
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