Hyp 236: Jonas Reinhardt

Hyp 236: Jonas Reinhardt

Jesse Reiner aka Brooklyn producer Jonas Reinhardt creates luscious sonic landscapes that elicit a plethora of emotions. Taking influence from the likes of Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, he’s been crafting his hypnotic blend of Electronica under the Reinhardt moniker since 2008. A former student of the Harvard Electronic Music Center, he’s released a slew of records on imprints such as Kranky and Not Not Fun Records. His sixth album – ‘Palace Savant’, out September 18 on Seattle-based Further Records – is perhaps his most spellbinding yet. It draws on Prague’s stunning St. Vitus Cathedral, where 14-century Architect Peter Parler strayed away from its intended blueprint to design a structure so grandiose it defied the expectation of that time. Reinhardt describes ‘Palace Savant’ as ‘what a contemporary electronic performance in that space might sound like’.

Reinhardt takes the reigns on Hyp Mix duty this week, with one of our favourite assortments we’ve heard in a long time;  a journey that completely subdues the listener. It features tracks from Hyponik favourites DVS1, Bruce and Andy Stott, as well as compelling soundscapes from the likes of Berlin’s Jan Jelinek and Tokyo-based Ambient artist, Hakobune. Rounding things off is a charging piece by seminal Krautrock outfit Amon Duul II. We recommend taking some time out to fully immerse yourself in this one.

Read on for Jonas Reinhardt’s fascinating in-depth mix commentary:

‘The following mix is a brief survey of music that’s inspired me in the last year or so along with a few older favorites in tribute to the Slavic solar deity ‘Svantevit’. In pagan times, this solar deity was associated with war, abundance and fertility. Svantevit was often represented by a figure with a sword in one hand, a drinking horn in another. It is thought that the name of the cathedral ’St. Vitus’ (an inspiration for the new album, ‘Palace Savant’) comes from this god.

It is this combination of levity and darkness, indulgence in substances combined with a warrior (or seeking) spirit that carried throughout the making of the album. Similarly, these tracks all feature some measure of conflict and indulgence with an ultimately transcendent (and light-giving) force at their core. This reference point of a pagan deity embodying both light and darkness sees its parallel here in the modern era as humans and machines become inextricably bound.

The ability to conjure both ecstatic reverie (the drinking horn) and a fierce melancholic storm (the sword) with electronic music machines allows these artists, however fleetingly, to embody the pagan spirit of Svantevit. The figure of the ‘Palace Savant’, guided by Svantevit, lurks as an ever-present accomplice in each of these pieces, guiding the individual performer into something wholly ‘other’.’

Hyp 236: Jonas Reinhardt by Hyponik on Mixcloud

‘Palace Savant’ is out September 18 on Further. Preview and pre-order it here. Follow Jonas Reinhardt on Soundcloud and Twitter.

Track List:

  1. Sample – ‘Wing Test’
  2. Jan Jelinek – ‘Fragments One’
  3. Hakobune – ‘Mizunara’
  4. J.D. Emmanuel – ‘Through the Inner Planes’
  5. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – ‘At the End of Spring’
  6. Pulse Emitter – ‘Night Gardens’
  7. Krafty Deer – ‘Blacklauren vs. Zanov’
  8. Marco Shuttle – ‘Sing Like a Bird’ (Peter Van Hoesen remix)
  9. DVS1 – ‘Black Russian’
  10. Bruce – ‘Not Stochastic’
  11. Andy Stott – ‘North to South’
  12. Head High – ‘IYO’
  13. Deuter – ‘Surat Shabda’
  14. Amon Duul II – ‘Jail House Frog’
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