Hyp 234: Tarquin

Hyp 234: Tarquin

Gobstopper Records, the brainchild of London producer Mr Mitch, is at the forefront of genre bending club music in the UK. With loose ties to the sounds of Grime, each release on the imprint’s short but essential catalogue has become increasingly hard to pinpoint in terms of direction. With a slew of well-received records from the likes of Dark0, Moony and Strict Face, the label has become a bastion in recent years for producers wishing to think outside of the box.

Their most recent offering comes from emerging London producer Tarquin, who released ‘Kid U / Lost My Marbles’ last week. One of Gobstopper’s most intoxicating works to date, it holds two tracks that couldn’t be further apart in feeling. ‘Kid U’ is a thoroughly jubilant affair, with terse R&B vocal cut ups and glossy sound design. On the flip, ‘Lost My Marbles’ is a heady, chaotic number filled with choppy claps and a bubbling synth workout. A bold first release, it comes as no surprise that he’s received airtime on Rinse FM and been championed by the likes of Plastician and Mickey Pearce.

Following on from label mate Iglew’s outstanding mix contribution in April, Tarquin is on Hyp duty this week for a lesson in some of the best esoteric Bass music the UK has to offer. A number of his label mates make an appearance alongside other home grown producers such as SlackkFinn and The Square’s Lolingo. The mix also features a new track from Mr Mitch, ‘Phantom Prophet’, which will appear on the ‘Planet Mu 20th Anniversary’ compilation in September, as well a tasty Twin Peaks edit from Tarquin himself. Get in to this one below…

Hyp 234: Tarquin by Hyponik on Mixcloud

‘Kid U / Lost My Marbles’ is out now on Gobstopper Records. Buy it here.

  1. Tom E Vercetti – ‘Wolf’
  2. OH91 – ‘Oh J Simpson’
  3. Tarquin – ‘Twin Peak’
  4. Deadboy – ‘Sad Sniper’
  5. T_A_M – ‘Ikno’
  6. Akito – ‘Degrade Gracefully’
  7. Loom – ‘Nylon’
  8. Finn- ‘Right Gurl’
  9. Strict Face – ‘Bashar’
  10. Tarquin – ‘Kid U’
  11. Strict Face – ‘Rouge Park’
  12. Shriekin & Tarquin – ‘Untitled’
  13. Slackk – ‘Skeleton Crew’
  14. T_A_M & Tarquin – ‘Killers Kiss’
  15. Lolingo – ‘Shenanigans’
  16. BeatKing – ‘Stopped Gage Refix’
  17. Tarquin – ‘Mcnulty’
  18. Tarquin – ‘Bananas’
  19. Fallow – ‘Touch Ya Knees
  20. Loom – ‘Boy Racer (Tarquin remix)’
  21. Sharda – ‘B There’
  22. Tarquin – ‘U wot u wot u wot’
  23. Famous Eno – ‘Jaws Riddim’
  24. Sh?m – ‘Pied Piper remix’
  25. So solid – ‘Ride With Us (Trends remake)’
  26. Notion – ‘Breath (Tarquin edit)’
  27. Inkke – ‘Fuk Dat’
  28. Lloyd SB – ‘King Of The Castle’
  29. Tarquin – ‘Lost My Marbs’
  30. T_A_M – ‘Watty 8bar Tarquin fuck’
  31. Mele – ‘Pop Lloyd sb refix’
  32. Tarquin – ‘Foxton’
  33. Capo Lee – ‘Get Liff (Tarquin remix)’
  34. T_A_M & Tarquin – ‘Grit (Slackk remix)’
  35. Mr Mitch – ‘Phantom Prophet’
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