Hyp 231: Slewis

Hyp 231: Slewis

London born producer Slewis has given little away about himself so far but has laid some very promising foundations in his brief solo career. Having played in experimental bands and honed his craft in the studio for a number of years, he released his debut 12″ – ‘Group V/Despot’ on Braiden’s Off Out imprint at the beginning of June. The label’s second offering (after Braiden’s own ‘Apex Of The Sun’s Way’ released in January) contains two frenetic and brooding dancefloor numbers – toying with elements of EBM amid razor sharp bass growls and screeching melodies on ‘Group V’, and synthetic dysphoria on B-side ‘Despot’. This is claustrophobic club music at its finest.

We’ve got Slewis on hand this week to provide us with a stunning journey through some of the sounds that influence his own work, marked out strongly by opener ‘Speed Display’ from the Krautrock super group collaborations of Conny Plank, Dieter Moebius and Mani Neumeier. Slewis slips in a classic from Beligan Electro-Pop outfit and one time Eurovision finalists Telex, a couple of his own unreleased tracks and a cosmic cut from Swedish producer 1991’s brilliant self-titled EP on Astro.Dynamics. Press play below…

Hyp 231: Slewis by Hyponik on Mixcloud

‘Group V/Despot’ is out now via Off Out. Order it here.

  1. Moebius Plank Neumeier – Speed Display
  2. Interaccion – Aelita
  3. Mannequin – Tag Fur Tag (Traxx Edit)
  4. Tzusing – No Primordial State
  5. French Fries – Machine
  6. Telex – L’Amour Toujours
  7. Buz Ludzha – Basslines for Death
  8. Tortoise – Almost Always is Nearly Enough
  9. Slewis – Vowels
  10. Johnny Aux – Sensation Sequence
  11. DJ Guy – 20
  12. David Vunk – Chicago Bills
  13. Slewis – Monk
  14. Morphosis – Running Out
  15. 1991 – Distortion of Time
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