Hyp 226: Wen

Hyp 226: Wen

In recent years the boundaries of bass heavy UK club music have been blurred beyond recognition, allowing producers to repel any of the redundant tags they are assigned. Cross pollination of sounds from a range of geographical club scenes is now the norm, with a new wave of producers merging the global sounds they take in on the internet with those they hear in the club. At the forefront of this hybrid breed of club music is young Kent based producer Wen, who’s seemingly effortless blends of Dubstep, Grime and Techno have earned him the deserved praise of Oneman, Youngsta and Benji B, as well as being championed by revered underground institutions like Rinse FM and FWD.

Fresh from the collection of beautifully mutated cuts on last year’s ‘Signals’ LP from Keysounds, the rising artist has just unleashed his first EP for Pinch’s Bristol Bass imprint Tectonic. ‘Finesse’ was released earlier this month and further demonstrates Wen’s ability to blend his trademark Grime vocal cuts atop bellowing subs and tribal percussion. His attention to the finer details, whilst still allowing tracks to unapologetically punch you in the face, explain why he’s gained so much respect within the UK underground.

For this week’s Hyp mix, Wen treats us to over 40 minutes of dark, cutting edge bangers that show off his abilites as a confident selector of eclectic sounds. The haunting melodic chaos of ‘Black Sun’ from Turkish bass producers Gantz & El Mahdy Jr merges seamlessly into the dancing synth melodies and classic Grime vocal chops of  Wen’s own ‘She Giv’. We’re later treated to an evil sounding Pinch & Mumdance cut that features Riko Dan from their forthcoming EP for Tectonic, as well as an enchanting new piece from Dark0 that can only be described as a cosmic lullaby from the future.

Photo: James Clothier for Hyponik

Hyp 226: Wen by Hyponik on Mixcloud

 ‘Finesse’ is out now on Tectonic. Pick up a copy here.

  1. Wen – ?
  2. Amen Ra (LHF) – Mud and Root
  3. Gantz & El Mahdy Jr – Black Sun
  4. Wen – She Giv
  5. Double Helix (LHF) ft. Ragga Twins – Street Wise
  6. Alex Coulton – Radiance
  7. Wen – ?
  8. Braga Circuit – Island Court
  9. Wen – Lunar Tide Cycle
  10. Mickey Pearce ft. Denzel Curry – Better Lean
  11. Walton – Taliko
  12. Pinch & Mumdance ft. Riko – Big Slug – Tectonic
  13. Lokane – Body Double
  14. DVA – Perxolyf
  15. Wen – Finesse – Tectonic
  16. Double Helix (LHF) ft. Ragga Twins – Fugese
  17. Beatking – Stopped (Gage Refix)
  18. Gantz – Spooky Action at a Distance
  19. *Bonkaz – We Run the Block [edit]
  20. Dark0 – The Past
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